Avoid flooded basement by installing Sump Pump

Avoid flooded basement by installing Sump Pump

Basement is the place where we keep the stuff that we don’t use regularly. But these stuff can be very valuable, which you take out on special occasion. Or the stuff which is very dear to us and holds special place in our heart. Won’t it be a disaster if these stuff gets destroyed if the basement gets flooded? All the things we hold dear, lost because we forgot to install a sump pump or we forgot the maintenance of the pump.

Sump pump is a pump which is installed to remove the water that has accumulated in the water collecting sump basin. This sump basin is usually in basement of our house. Water might enter from perimeter of drains and pour into the basin because of rain or natural ground water.

During such times as regular flooding in the basement, sump pumps are used. The pumps send the water to  places in the house which are not problematic. This way, the basement remains dry. And it is important to keep the basement dry as it is the foundation of our house. Excessive water at your basement may weaken the structure. And that is dangerous

Tips of maintain Sump Pumps:

Maintenance of sump pump requires extra time and attention. But it is important to check on the machine before monsoon or whenever there is forecast for heavy rains. Regular maintenance is key to keep the pump working.

To maintain the pump make sure that the pump is plugged to a good circuit and the cord which is attached to it is in good condition. There are chances of damage if the broken cord comes in contact with any wet thing. So, check it periodically for any problem.

Time to time visit to the sump pump is necessary to check whether the pump is upright and has not fallen over. It might happen due to vibrations while the pump is working.

Now, it won’t often happen that you have flooded basement. But it is also necessary to check that the machine will work during flood-like situation. Pour a bucket of water into the pit to make sure that the pump is starting. Also, make sure that the water is draining quickly and not getting stuck in the pump.

Also, check whether the pipes attached to the pump are not broken or clogged. If they are, immediately change them. And make sure the discharge vent hole is clear.

While these task can be done at home. But it better that a licensed plumber checks the sump pump. He will give better analysis of the condition of the pump. If you are looking for plumbing service provider in New Jersey, contact A- General for best services.


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