All About A-General Services

All About A-General Services

A-General is a family owned and operated company since 1965. A-General, accredited as a Better Business Bureau offers customer service 24/7 to the residents and businesses in Ocean County, Monmouth County, Burlington County and Atlantic County, New Jersey.

The services for residential area include

 All Plumbing Repairs
 Sewer & Drain Cleaning – All size lines
 Video Pipe Inspection & Leak Detection
 Grease Trap Services
 Jetting Services
 Water & Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
The services for businesses include
 Closed Circuit TV Pipe Inspection
 TV Inspection Crawler Unit for Larger
 Size Pipes
 Smoke Test
 Machine Cleaning of All Size Drains
 Roof Drains Machine Cleaned
 Faucets
 Sewer & Water Line Excavation & Replacement
 Water Leak Detection
 Tank Locating
 Odorless Grease Trap Pumping & Sanitized
 Slab Repair / Water & Sanitary
 Manhole to Manhole Jetting Services
 All Size Pumps Available
 Commercial Water Heaters
 All Plumbing Fixtures – Repair & Replacement
 Commercial Toilets, Sinks, Tubs, Showers
 Garbage Disposals – Installation & Repair
 Faucets–Indoor/Outdoor – Installation & Repair
 Hydrojetting
 Water Leak Detection
 Frozen Pipes – Electronically Thawed/Repaired
 Rooter Services
 Pipe Winterization
 Septic Tank Maintenance & Pumping
 Ice Makers – Installed & Repaired
 Pumping of Flooded Basements
 Preventative Maintenance Programs

A General specializes in plumbing repairs Sewer and Drain Cleaning.

Plumbing Repairs –  Plumbing requires a variety of fixtures and fittings such as pipes, joints, faucets etc. It is utmost important that plumbing components of building or residence are properly linked. Internal and external plumbing and the drainage system need to be in best condition for long life of a residence or a commercial building. Therefore, regular plumbing checkup becomes a necessity. A General – the plumbing expert- suggests that regular repairs and replacement of critical plumbing units increases the life of plumbing system. While replacing the components it should be noted that copper piping fits well with brass fixtures. Generally, for residence and buildings, plumbing fixtures are made up of cooper, steel, PVC and CPVC.

Sewer Cleaning – Regular sewer cleaning and maintenance of residence or commercial building prevent blocks. According to plumbing experts, depending on the type of waste system at home, two types of blocks can occur. For the residences and commercial buildings in rural area, the waste water drains into the septic tank or leach field whereas, for the residences and commercial buildings in urban areas the sewage lines are connected to the municipal waste water disposal system. Regular cleaning of sewer lines through a professional sewer cleaning agency reduces the damage to the residence and the commercial building.

Smooth running of sewer lines and functional fixtures at residences and commercial buildings is possible with the help of a professional plumbing service provider. It is recommended that online survey of professional plumber be done for quality plumbing services.


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