Are Salt-Free Water Softeners Effective

Are Salt-Free Water Softeners Effective

To understand and appreciate the work of a salt-free water conditioner, ask someone who was growing a bald pate, more so a woman, and has come out of the situation with his/ her head held high…and hair on it!

One of the first things on which the effects of salt-water is most prominent is human skin and hair. They turn rough and lifeless in no time and no amount of care can bring them back to life- unless you either change places to get normal, soft water or install a salt-free water conditioner.

In fact, there are other ways too to see the effects of salt-free water softener systems.

Your bathroom! Most bath areas in the US (as opposed to most places in the world including continental Europe and Asia) are large areas with a gracious amount of space being reserved for bath-tubs, wash-hand basins, bath areas and mirrors- all of which ideally should shine with the look of cleanliness. In areas with hard-water, all of these surfaces invariably get more than their share of the tell-tale white smudges and ugly layers which after a point refuse to budge without causing very significant and visible scars. With the use of the best salt-free water conditioners, damage to such surfaces reduce drastically. In fact, they can very well revert to their original condition.

Your kitchen! Most kitchens like bath areas has more than their share of chrome, stainless-steel, stone and wood- all of which run the risk of getting layered with the residue of hard-water where it is not adequately reduced using a good water-softener. Taps in such areas run the additional risk of jamming up where the salty residue is not addressed well in time.

Your water boiler/ heater

Water boilers are one set of appliances where the effects of an efficient water softener is most visible. With the water-heater coil coming in direct contact of the hard-water, it not only forms a layer but with time, the layers start to solidify in to an almost stone-like substance that remains hard to remove. In quite a few cases, in the absence of options, one may have to discard the entire boiler/ heater and replace the same with a new one. That is provided the water-softener isn’t doing its job well.

Your water purifier

In provinces where water purification is every household’s individual chore, the presence of hard-water becomes quite obvious as it starts to collect and corrode on the important parts of a water purifier which with time start to work at reduced efficiency only to go completely off if not cared for in time. The same water purifier works like a dream where it’s coupled with a water-softener…for obvious reasons!

Your utensils, crockery and cutlery!

Every good home aspires to have the right utensils, crockery and cutlery. And every good home ought to have a good and efficient salt free water softener system so that one’s much prided and priced possession does not look ugly with time, which it will – in the absence of a no salt water softener!

These then are some of the situations and circumstances which force household to go for the best salt-free water conditioners so that life becomes easy, bright and beautiful!


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