Are you Equipped with Noiseless Home Plumbing Fixtures

Are you Equipped with Noiseless Home Plumbing Fixtures

Hearing the water gushing through your pipelines or drain line, making gulping noises each time you flush out water is a sign that you have a plumbing emergency coming your way, sooner rather than later.

While designing the plumbing system for a new home, your plumbing contractor will work hard over it, to make it as noiseless as possible. Manufacturers of plumbing fixtures are making all possible effort to reduce the noise linked to the operation of the particular equipment. Professional plumbers such as A-General has been very successful in diminishing much of the noise, which was generally associated with plumbing systems at your home and office.

As much of the noise is produced due to water traveling at a high speed, it shows that whatever is done to reduce the velocity of the water, will eventually reduce the noise in your system. It is for this very reason that it is important not to withhold yourself on the size of the water supply pipe. Remember that larger pipes will not only provide a more sufficient supply of water, but will reduce the noise as well.

If you are looking out for weird noises in your plumbing system, they are basically of three types, and are mainly found in older plumbing line systems. These noises are water hammer, whistling and chattering noise.

The sound of water hammer is the thump in the pipeline, heard when faucets are turned off abruptly. There is a very less chance for water hammer to not being heard, but can be eliminated by the installing an air chamber or short length of pipe in the wall from where each supply pipeline enters a plumbing fixture.

However, its been observed many times that an ordinary type of air chamber will not prevent water hammer. In such a scenario special device known as shock arrest or must be installed, on the main water line near your water meter.

The sound of Chattering in the piping may be occurring because loose pipes, or by pipes rubbing against a metal object, or by worn out faucet washers, or even by loosening of other inside parts.

Whistling is the sound, caused by the speed of flowing water through pipelines that is usually too small. To overcome this situation use a pressure reducing valve, and also a general straightening, out of the plumbing system. Remember that whistling is most common at bends or tees in the pipeline.

If you are fed up of the constant noises from your plumbing system, it is recommended you call a plumbing expert to deal with the problem. A-General Plumbing and sewer service NJ, can help you out with all the general plumbing related problems and will also provide handy tips that can help you overcome your minor plumbing issues.


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