Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal System

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal System

If you have a garbage disposal in your home, it’s a known fact how awesome that appliance is and makes household duties less demanding. However, the same appliance can give you a torrid time, if not operated or maintained properly, as a garbage disposal can easily wear and tear, break down, and clog the drains causing an expensive plumbing and drain work. But, as every home improvement solution has an option to deal with, garbage disposal care and maintenance can make sure that you are saved from the adversities, and the plumbing operation associated with it.

Read below for some tips and tricks to maintain a ‘Healthy’ garbage disposal.

What are the Tricks:

*    To keep the garbage disposal clean pour a little amount of dish soap inside and run the garbage disposal for a minute with some cold water after washing dishes.

*    Always use the garbage disposal regularly, as frequent use will prevent rust and corrosion, and ensures that all parts stay moving.

*    Do not forget to grind food waste with a strong flow of water.

*    Grind hard materials such as small animal bones, egg shells, and small fruit pits.This heeds in creating a scouring action, which breaks down the particle inside the chamber.

*    Always grind peels from fruits such as lemons or oranges to freshen up drain smells.

*    Never shove a large amount of waste at once in the disposal, cut large items into smaller pieces and then proceed to put it in the bin.

What are the Tips:

*    Never grind metal, plastic, fiber or even paper and anything that is combustible.

*    Keep the cigarette butts away from the garbage disposal, its not an ashtray.

*    Pouring grease, oil or fat in your garbage drain will slowly build up and clogged drains, causing plumbing issues such as drain line blockage or garbage disposal blockage.

*    Do not grind fibrous material like celery stalks, onion peel, corn husks and artichokes. Such fibers can tangle and jam the garbage disposal motor and block drains.

*    Moreover, you should never turn off the motor until the grinding is completed, and when its done, turn off the garbage disposal first and let water run for at least 10 seconds to flush out any remaining particles.

*    Avoid is dumping potato peels down the garbage disposal. The starches present in potatoes will turn into a thick paste and can cause blades stick encourage drain clogs.

* Use of harsh chemicals to clean garbage disposal is a complete no. They can damage the disposal system from inside and corrode the pipes.

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