Be prepared for winter! Prevent Frozen pipes

Be prepared for winter! Prevent Frozen pipes

December is almost here! all of us are taking out our boots, jackets and scarfs from the closet. Some parts of US has already started feeling cold. But the another worry that must be popping up on your head is about freezing pipes. Prevention is better that cure. And in case of frozen pipes the cure becomes more difficult. hence, calling residential plumbing for repairs become necessity. However there are some easy tips and steps to follow that will prevent frozen pipes.

Turn Up The Thermostat-If your house is old and built over an uninsulated crawl space, this is not the time to worry about increasing bills. When you turn up the thermostat will increase the air temperature in the crawl space by projecting heat energy through the floor into the space. Plan the insulation and air sealing the space.

Install Fiberglass-Purchase a package or two of unfaced fiberglass insulation. Also get a set of heavy duty disposable coveralls, a dust mask, gloves and a package of utility knives. Check for the poorly protected side of the pipes. Take  along survey of the pipelines in attic, crawl space and other out of the way place installing insulation. Here neatness is least counters, and get the insulation where the need is must.

Space Heater-Keep those protected pipes above freezing by simply placing an electric heater near those pipes. Remember the aim is not to make the space warm and comfortable but to keep the pipe above freezing. If the pipes are not protected, keep them above freezing point and place an electric heater near them. Easy way to do it is by using hand-held hair dryer or heat a lamp in a reflector to prevent the fire.

Switch off the water line- If you think that the situation is likely to get worst, turn off the water valve. Keep it off when you are not at home or when you are asleep. If a pipe freezes and breaks, the spillage is only limited to the water in the pipe. If any of your water pipe line is not working properly and your water heater needs repair call water line repair and replacement services in NJ. Search for the same in your nearby areas for the quick response.


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