Increase the Life of Your Garbage Disposal by Avoiding These Issues

Increase the Life of Your Garbage Disposal by Avoiding These Issues

These days, managing and disposing of the garbage has become easier. Most of the kitchens have installed garbage disposal. The food preparations and cleaning have become a lot easier due to the disposals.

The garbage disposals, attached below the sink drain in the kitchen, have a chopping type mechanism which chews up the scraps of food you feed down the drain. While doing this, you have to run water from the sink, so all the food particles will be washed down. It has a mechanism which pushes the food articles and water down the drain. Many times, the garbage disposal is attached to the dishwasher. As the dishwasher drains, it goes through the disposal, so the food particle washes through the drain.

But as with every appliance, garage disposal needs regular maintenance or else the system begins to crack. Regular maintenance of the garbage disposal helps you in avoiding the visit from a trusted neighborhood plumber. To avoid the large bills and unnecessary trouble, follow these ideas while using garbage disposals.

1. Always make sure you have run the water before and after use of the disposal. It is necessary for proper drainage, because if you don’t drain everything properly, the food particle trapped inside the disposal would decay and emit foul odor.
2. Always use cold water while disposing food in the disposal. Use of hot water can have adverse effects. The hot water can melt the fats in the food that you put in the garbage disposal and the fats can enter the pipes and solidify, which will cause a blockage.
3. Don’t use drain cleaners or bleach, which include chemicals to clean the disposal. The chemicals may harm the disposal or reduce its capabilities.
4. Avoid putting things like egg shells, coconut shells, rice, pasta, vegetable peels in a garbage disposal. These reduce the operating capacity of the appliance and harm the blades.
5. Never remove anything stuck inside the disposal with your hands. Use forceps to remove.

These practices can help in avoiding the occurrence of issues in the disposal. But, if there is some issue with the disposal or plumbing system of the house, contact nearest plumber for the plumbing fixture in New Jersey.


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