Best methods of degreasing a sewer line

Best methods of degreasing a sewer line

Sewage problems are sometimes very complex and tough to understand. Degreasing a sewer line can be a very difficult task. A clogged sewer line can be best treated by a commercial sewer and plumbing service provider with specialized equipment and knowledge. You should try to keep your sewer line grease free unless you want to incur regular plumbing repair and maintenance bill for snaking your line. Degreasing is a process of removing grease, oil or the like, especially by treating with chemical. The following are a few effective methods of degreasing sewer line.

Generally every drain in your house will be connected to the sewer line, toilet and bathroom provide larger access points to the sewer line. Enzyme drain cleaner mixed with hot water works best to degrease a sewer line. The hot water will slightly loosen the grease in the sewer line. When enzyme solution is poured into the sewer line it starts to eat that grease as enzymes are natural living bacteria. Repeat this process once a month and your sewage lines would be completely open and clean.

Washing soda can also be used effectively to attack grease in a sewer line. Washing soda should be poured into sewer line as it breaks up clogs and clears the line. Baking soda can be effectively used to clear grease from a sewer line as baking soda eats away grease particles. White vinegar could be added to baking soda as it will allow baking soda to work more effectively in dislodging the grease particles in sewer lines.

Maintainance of sewer line is very important as it affects our hygenic living. Degreasing sewer line could be a time consuming task but if you are to avoid diseases and unhygenic living it is important that you keep sewer line grease free. If you need help to degrease your sewer line then you should contact commercial plumbing and sewer service provider like A-General.


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