How to solve leakage issues?

How to solve leakage issues?

Leakages can destroy the house. So, it is important to determine the leak before it spreads and damages many areas of the house. This article can guide you in solving the leakage issues.

Water leakage problem is always a headache for all of us. Firstly, it is difficult to notice a water leakage. It shows its ugly head only when the problem has gets out of hand. And when finally you have noticed the leak, it is a challenge to search for the source of the leakage. It gets even more tricky to find the leakage of the moisture on the walls.

At times, we notice that the walls of our house are suddenly wet. And the moisture is growing day by day. This happens when the pipes leak. Many times, the builders or architects install the drainage pipes either inside or outside the wall. But this is not something that we can just ignore, we have to find the leak. Let’s see how we can find the leak and what are the tips to stop the leakage.

Ways to find the leak:

Hot water Tank: There is a chance that the pressure relief on the hot water tanks may be leaking. There can be a possibility that these tanks are directly linked to drain pipes.   So, if you are not able to remove the drain pipes, follow the sound coming. Hissing sound coming from the pressure relief can be of leakage.

Toilets: If you think that there is a  leakage in the toilet but are unable to determine from where, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Wait for a few minutes, if you see the color in the bowl you have a leakage!

Meter Line: Check the meter line running along the house. Shut off the valve of the house and check whether the meter is running. If it is running there is a leakage between the meter and the house. Walk around the house and look for muddy areas. If you are not able to find it call the plumbing repair services.

Taps, hose pipes: Check for the leakage in the kitchen taps, or sink. See, whether the floor are wet and cold. Let the water flow and check the pipes below the sink. Do the same thing with your garden taps.

Now that you have found the leaks, you need to stop them. Here are few tips to stop Leakages.

Tips to stop leakages:

Shut off the water supply:  If you have determined the area of leakage, shut down the water valve. This way you can avoid water wastage  till  you repair the leakage. If you are not able to find the leakage shut of the main water valve. and call the plumber to take a look.

Extract the water: Once  you have stopped the leakage, extract the water till you repair the leak. The water can get soaked up in the walls or floor and damage them. So dry up the water immediately.

Ventilate the area: Open the windows and doors, so the water dries up and doesn’t affect more areas

Check other areas: Do the survey for the house to check  if the water has spread or not. This way you will understand the amount of damage caused due to leakage.

If you are not able to find the leakage, it is better to call the plumbing service provider to do the survey. They can ensure that all the checks are done and all the leaks are found. And they can also recommend the repairs needed for them. You can contact A- General for the plumbing repairs, they are oldest and trusted plumbing service provider in New Jersey.


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