Detect Hidden Plumbing Leaks with Sensor

Detect Hidden Plumbing Leaks with Sensor

Hidden plumbing leaks are destructive household problems. It can cause higher water bills, and if it is not detected on time it can further cause mold and mildew to grow in your walls, causing extensive remediation work. Finding these hidden leaks can be a big challenge because they can occur in inaccessible areas of your home and you might not notice it until the house has already sustained extensive water damage. The worst situation can be abrupt ruptures in plumbing system, that will eject hundreds of gallons of water into your house before you can stop the flood. Then you are just left with the option of replacing sewer lines.

But, there is one way through which you can prevent this disaster. Install water sensors that can help detect plumbing leaks, sound the alarm and even shut off the water machine automatically until you can find the leak and repair it. Following are some pros and cons of using water sensors in your office.

Flood Prevention is Possible – If you are using smaller water sensor systems, then may be they are installed in vulnerable areas such as bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. However, more advanced system can monitor the whole home and switch your main water supply off if they detect water at any unwanted places. This way your house is protected from flooding if something goes wrong, even if no one is at home. It will work as a lifesaver, if you are on vacation and otherwise will not notice the problem for several days or weeks.

you might think that this is a costlier affair, but it is actually not. Imagine a cost you will be spending for home repairs and compare it with the installation cost of the automatic shut off sensor. Choose the one which is affordable for you.

Crying wolf alarm with automatic shutoff – Some water sensor systems are known to cry wolf and go off if they don’t detect any tiny amount of water, as a result of high humidity in the air. Some sensors also keep an eye on how much water you are using and shut the plumbing down after a certain amount, so an event that uses a lot of water at once like filling a swimming pool can trip the alarm.

The most advanced sensors can detect leaks even in remote areas of the home. If it remains undetected, it will grow molds and mildews.

At last, it is a homeowner’s decision to check if a sensor system is worth the cost. If you need help installing a water sensor system or finding hidden plumbing leaks in your home, contact your local general plumbing services today.


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