5 Plumbing Myths That You Are Unaware Of

5 Plumbing Myths That You Are Unaware Of

Many of the plumbing practices that we perform are myths than actually making any effect on plumbing system. And if you do not know the solution if there is a leak or you hear a gurgling in your walls. You will not just face heavy bills but will also have to set up yourself for the big headache. Otherwise you are left with the only option of calling general plumbing service, which will be an additional costing for you. Let’s have a look at some things that you have been doing but are actually myths.

1) Keeping a Brick in the Back of the Toilet – It is believed that placing the brick in the back of your toilet bowl will save the money. But it is not true. It looks good on houses or sidewalks or around the pretty fireplaces, but definitely not in the toilet. This is a good way to break your flapper, causing you to have to flush twice, thus wasting water. Bricks will crumble and deteriorate over a period of time in the water. Hence, it is likely to take more water. Thus, leave them out of the toilet tank to reduce the water costs.
2) Water heater is going to explode if there is sound coming out of it – We believe that water heater is about to explode if you hear a loud gurgling, rumbling noise. There are very less chances of happening something like this. Most probably there is the sediment from hard water that is being moved around inside your water heater near the burner on the bottom. It is causing loud noises which is really air popping because it cannot rise to the top due to the sentiment blocking the way. It would be essential at this time to call  Water Heater Repair Burlington County NJ or in your nearby areas to fix the issue as soon as possible. To avoid this, have a plumber coming at your door on regular basis and flush the water heater on the regular basis.
3) Slow Leaking faucets –  Most of the times we neglect a slow leaking faucets. But it is wrong to neglect them. If there is a dripping that is not stopping and you are getting higher water bills, wasting gallons of water, causing wear and tear on your faucet and plumbing fixture, then there is a serious plumbing issue. It should be detected as early as possible before it damages the entire pipelines. You need to call professional plumber and the reinforcements to tend to it. Waiting or neglecting will cost you a lot.
4) It is fine to use plunger to unclog the sink –  Most of the times yes it is fine to use plunger but not always, so take a caution, especially you have a double sink. In this case, one sink may clear the clog and cause back up to other sink. Further it will splash-back from plunging can be very dangerous and cause irreversible skin damage. It will worse the situation if you are using a commercial drain cleaner with the chemicals. Do not just plunge once, see the size of the blockage and how much it is cleared and plunge it again. First try it with the non-chemical cleaner and do not assume that you have fixed with the problem. It is highly recommended to not to put chemicals in the drain.
5. Putting hot grease down the sink is OK– Generally it is believed that it is all ok to put the hot grease down the sink, because it is liquid.

But, wipe out the grease with a paper towel and put it in the garbage can. If the grease is hot it can coat your pipes, and when it dries it causes a real mess, such as busting a pipe that will worse a situation.Crosscheck all the above things if you have been doing wrong. Understand that they all are myths and are likely cause mess and giving more expenses.


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