Do I really need a video inspection of my sewer line

Do I really need a video inspection of my sewer line

The best drain cleaning services anywhere in the world (of course including NJ!) would sometime in your life ask you to get a video inspection done of your sewer-line. When you get an approximation of the likely costs, the first obvious question that would come to your mind would be “Do I really need a video inspection of my sewer line? Is it really that necessary??”

If only you could go where most men (and women!) wouldn’t ever in their lives, like to go- the constricting confines of your drain pipe! But that, could be the only way you would know for sure, right there before your eyes, what the problem is, besides getting the exact idea of how to solve it.

Yes, sometimes video inspections of sewer lines remain the only way you, a client would come to know the extent of problems in a sewer! And it has some surprising benefits like the ones we mention below.

  1. You know exactly what the problem is and its extent

Home & commercial sewer-lines (not taking into account community sewer-lines) in most cases are as wide as a man’s torso which means it’s next to impossible for most folks to crawl in to find out what the problem is. A video inspection kit which in most cases fit most drains and sewer lines can go right through the entire length of the sewer line and report in real-time to the homeowner letting the latter know exactly what the problem is and where.

  1. It’s akin to a laser surgery as opposed to an open-heart surgery

Open heart surgeries cause more problems than they solve. They take very, very long to heal and in some cases, wounds from the surgery cause a series of problems some of which could be life threatening. Something similar is the case when one has to rip apart the entire sewer-line in order to go to the root of the problem. Once into the project, one may discover a lot of other associated problems for which there is no solution(s) like the age of the pipe, age of the structure above, condition of the structure etc. A video recording facilitates going right down to where the problem is, and taking the right steps- all while leaving the rest of the structure undisturbed.

  1. In comparison, it is much, much less expensive

Video recording and further action in commercial drain cleaning services works out to being much less expensive when compared to actions otherwise. It may seem expensive initially but when you factor in all that cutting, tearing, shredding and putting back, a video recording of the entire activity to know with accuracy what happens where, helps a lot more!

  1. Coupled with water jetting, it does the job in the best manner

The best drain cleaning services which suggest video inspection of sewer-lines in most cases suggest water jetting which between them, is the best course of action when it comes to clearing sewer lines of uncalled-for obstructions like tree-roots, mud, sludge and the likes. The best drain cleaning service in NJ could easily take up these activities for a reasonable fee and which in the long run would be of immense help to home-owners!

  1. In some situations, video recording may be the ONLY option

Trenchless sewer repairs in most cases is advocated by the best drain cleaning services. And not without reasons! Coupled with a video shoot of the situation below ground, it could be the only solution in crowded localities or where structures are old and worn out. Getting a good idea through a video shoot could help house owners assess the situation of the existing sewers and take requisite decisions which could include a new trenchless sewer-line!

  1. If the house owner is miles away, this is the best means to let them know what the problem is!

One of the best things about a digitized video shoot is that it can be packed into the smallest of files and sent over the net to home-owners half-way across the globe! Imagine trying to do that by any other means like taking prints or ever a VCR cassette! Sewer repairs could be one aspect. A bigger bother could be just the courier costs! Now imagine getting high-quality video images through the net right there on the home-owner’s mobile phone in a far-off location! Decision-making while becoming fast, also becomes simple and very cost-effective! In fact, the act of videographing can be extended to even sending pictures of the same sewer line AFTER the work is done! Appreciation is the least that the best of drain cleaning service in NJ can hope to get!

  1. It works best where home insurance is involved!

Insurance companies refuse to loosen their purse-strings unless shown something concrete about the problem. One way of going about making an insurance claim is to take a video-shoot of the exact nature and place of the problem and sending it to the insurers to see for themselves. This satisfies their interests in more ways than one.

If you think these reasons for videographing your sewer line make sense, and provided your sewer needs that kind of attention, get it done at the earliest, become stink and time, don’t wait for a dime!


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