Plumbing In The Time Of Covid 19!

Plumbing In The Time Of Covid 19!


The coronavirus disease, COVID-19 is now a declared pandemic with governments at all levels working in tandem with emergency services, health and medical bodies, and business houses to contain the outbreak and keep our communities safe and healthy.

With more and more cases of Covid 19 being reported, it is essential that the practice of good personal hygiene and all other means be practiced regularly and diligently. Mentioned below are some advice (in the nature of non-healthcare advice) on how to reduce the risk of spread of Covid 19 in places be they homes, offices, businesses, establishments and venues of any size or description.

We pay close and constant attention to the guidelines brought out by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in this respect and take all efforts to bring it to your notice so that you, your family and your near ones remain safe and healthy at all times.

All our personnel be it onsite or otherwise have been advised to adhere to CDC’s guidelines on health and hygiene habits and have additionally been advised to seek authorised medical attention where they feel they are unwell and show symptoms of Covid 19.

Across capacities and activities, they have been briefed to take care of maintaining requisite standards of cleanliness (and disinfection) be it at our work premise or at the customers’ including observing caution while visiting specific areas at clients’ that may be cleaned and disinfected. They have been instructed to wear approved gear, mask and outfit, observe necessary social distancing (a minimum of 6 feet), wash their hands with soap and water for over 20 seconds (and where need with approved sanitizers) when visiting and leaving sites, greeting customers without the need for any physical contact, and cleaning at regular intervals equipment and gadgets on their person.

Likewise, all our vehicles, equipment and gadgets like cleaning equipment, clipboards, phones, tablets etc. are sanitized at regular intervals.

From you, our esteemed clients for whom we remain committed 24 x 7, we expect the following:

* Bear with us in these times of crises. Given the lock-down, our personnel have to take inordinately more care and caution while visiting you. This may increase the time taken to serve you.

* In case you have someone at your premises or in the vicinity who is either infected or you think could be infected or is undergoing treatment, please inform us well in time so that our personnel come fully prepared to keep everyone safe with our working.

* Take all expected safety precautions including the wearing of masks and other safety devices and dresses.

* Practice requisite physical distancing while our personnel visit your homes/ offices/ premises.

The above steps including those advised by CDC when practiced diligently by all of us including our clients are sure to bring much-needed relief from the prevailing pandemic.


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