Does Sewage smell in your house?

Does Sewage smell in your house?

Even a faint smell of sewage gives a weird feeling altogether and if it is coming from your own house then it is even more weird and unhygienic. Initially when you enter the bathroom or toilet and feel something is not right and get a faint smell of sewage you would most probably think that it is your imagination. Slowly but surely the smell will make you sick.

Initially when you inspect your bathroom and toilet closely, by leaning closer to the shower, sink or toilet you would most probably be wondering how such smell could come as you had cleaned your bathroom and toilet just recently. You might spray a good quality fragrance in your toilet and bathroom so that the odor of sewage goes away completely from your house. But later on you would realize that the smell of sewage is not going away even after using a fragrance. In such a situation, spraying room fresher, running the fan will not work. Just imagine why would this smell be coming? And why isn’t it going away?

A number of things could be responsible for such sewage smell in your bathroom or toilet. To avoid such sewage smell it is very important that you keep the sewer line for your toilet and bathroom clean and for that you can take assistance from sewer cleaning service providers. The methane in sewer gas is generally inflammable and it could be dangerous for your health. Besides that exposure to sewer gas and water could lead to diseases such as Gastro, Hepatitis and other chronic infections. Children need to be kept away from exposure to sewage water, gas for a healthy and hygienic living.

Once you identify the real problem behind the sewage smell in your bathroom or toilet, it is often very easy and inexpensive to correct with the help of commercial plumbing service providers like A-General.


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