Wondering how to treat sewage; well here is your guide to sewage treatment

Wondering how to treat sewage; well here is your guide to sewage treatment

Good health and hygiene is fundamental to human life. In order to have good health and hygienic lifestyle properly disposing sewage is important not just for environmental reasons but for your health also. Community/family must have a system for disposing sewage so that flies, animals or people living in the nearby areas do not touch it. This system is generally called as the sewage treatment system. Different kind of sewer cleaning systems are available lets take a look at some of them for basic understanding of sewer service and various things connected to it.

On-site system of sewage treatment
On-site system is a popular sewage system where sewage is disposed off in the nearby area close to the house or local surrounding. On-site system disposal system generally consists of a septic tank and leach drains. This type of sewer service is generally cost effective. The on-site sewage disposal systems need to be installed and maintained properly. Commercial plumbing and sewer service providers can help you to install and maintain such sewage systems. On-site sewage disposal systems have certain limitations which are as follows:
The on-site system of sewage treatment cannot be installed in areas which flood regularly; it cannot be installed near drinking water pipelines.

Complete (full) sewage system
In this system, the sewage enters sewer pipes directly and is pumped to a watershed. There are different kinds of complete (full) sewage systems where sewage enters the watershed without treatment or it goes through blades where the blades cut solid matter in sewage before it enters the lagoon or watershed.

Waste water disposal system
In this method the waste water is carried to the watershed using large pipes. The sewage may be treated in septic tanks or in the watershed.

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