Escape the cold; maintain your water heater

Escape the cold; maintain your water heater

This chilly weather makes us feel grateful for the existence of water heaters. The cold and harsh weather makes you want to go home and take long hot showers. But wouldn’t it be aggravating if the water heater breaks down. Right in the middle of chilly weather. So, it is always better to make sure that the heater is working.

To keep the heater in working condition, it should be maintained regularly. Maintaining the heater can be done by anyone. It is quite easy. But before you go about checking the heaters, make sure you have taken all the safety precautions. Use thermometer or back of your hand while checking the temperature. Use thick gloves to avoid burning. Heaters are kept in dark areas of house, always carry sufficient lighting with you.

Maintenance tips:

Turn down the temperature: Lower the temperature of the heater. This will protect the tank from overheating. It will also save energy to heat the water. Keep the temperature between 115 and 120 degrees F. Before doing this make sure the heater is not working.

Check temperature and pressure valve: Temperature and pressure valve frees the excess heat or pressure buildup in the heater. This keeps the heater working properly. Check whether the valve is working perfectly. The valve is located at the top of the heater. It has lever and connected to the drain tube. To check it, Simply lift the lever part way and let it snap back. If you hear gurgling sound then your heater is in fine condition, if not it is time to call general plumbing service provider.

Flush the water: Flush out some water from the tank. Place a bucket under the drain valve. Turn the drain valve counter clockwise and slowly drain some water. This will improve efficiency of the heater and prevent it from rusting. While it is ok to do minor flushing, it is recommended to fully drain the heater once in a while. But it is better if this task if left to a licensed plumber to do.

These tips will not only show the well-being of the heater but also save you from full-scale repair once the heater breaks. But it also recommended to call plumber to take a look at the heater every so often. To get the heater and other plumbing system checked, contact A-General, best plumbing service provider in New Jersey.


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