Warning signs of water heater repairs

Warning signs of water heater repairs

Over the time, any  machine starts facing problem. And anything that becomes older need to be repaired for smoother functioning. Similar is the case with water heaters. Usually, heaters don’t face much issues, but as they become old, they need patching up. Water heater’s life expectancy is usually for eight to ten years depending upon the manufacturer. And this life span can increase if the water heater is preserved properly with regular care. But it is a machine after all, and with time it is going to wear out. This is the time you need to contact plumbing service provider to get the heater repaired.

Generally, it is quite easy to know that the water heater needs repairs. Heater gives out open signs that it is in need of patching up. You might just end up using hot water for all the household work if you ignore these signs. And the electricity bill you’ll incur will put a big hole in your pocket. So,  check for these signs.

Rusty or muddy water: If muddy or soiled water flows from your faucet then the water heater must be facing some issues. You might overlook this problem as normal behaviour of the faucet. As you may have noticed, if you open the faucet after a long time, it ejects the muddy water collected. But if this happens on regular basis, the water heater tank must be rusted. You need to call the plumber to take a look at it. Sometimes, the heater just need to be flushed out completely. But you need to consult a plumber for that.

Constant noise: When you start the water heater and hear some noises coming from it, the heater might need inspection. Noises coming sound like rattling or knocking type. These noises come when there is debris buildup in the tank. If it is not repaired on time, this issue may lead to overheating of the tank.

Low water temperature: If the water is taking longer than usual to heat up, you have a problem. You should first check the thermostat to check if it is set correctly. It is normal to set the thermostat between 120 to 140 degree F. This problem can be troublesome. The electric heater may have faulty heating element or the gas heater may have a malfunctioning thermocouple. This issue won’t arise if there is regular water heater maintenance. 

Leakage: If you find a leakage from heater or puddles under the heater immediately call plumbing service provider. Shut off the electricity or turn down the gas for gas heaters. Do this before you attempt to remove the heater. And don’t let small children near the heater.

This signs are sure indicator that the water heater needs to get repaired. It is always better to contact the plumbing service provider immediately to look into the matter. A-General is a recommended service provider for the residents of New Jersey.


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