Frozen sewage system? Here are the reasons for it

Frozen sewage system? Here are the reasons for it

The sewage pipes can easily freeze during cold winter weather. Dealing with a frozen pipe is a complicated task; identifying and correcting a potential freezing problem early is much more easier to deal with.

Frost and Freezing of Sewer Line
Snow serves as a blanket over sewage system, and it keeps heat of the sewage. Frost goes deeper into the ground with lack of snow and freezes it. Commercial sewer and plumbing service providers can help you with frozen pipe solution. Compacted snow will also send frost deeper into the ground. Insulated sewer pipes should be used if you expect traffic over any kind of sewage system, septic tank etc.

Irregular Use of Sewage System
If your sewage system is not used regularly, then sufficient temperature will not be maintained in the sewer line and that will most probably lead to freezing. This problem could also emerge if very low amount of sewage is generated on a daily basis specifically true in case of small families. Frequent use of the sewage system, warm water is very important in cold whether to avoid frozen pipes.

The cracks or holes in the system would let air enter the pipes which can freeze the sewer line. Open, broken pipes need to be repaired with the help of general plumbing service provider to avoid problems with frozen pipes. If the cause for freezing of the system is not corrected/repaired properly in time then your system might freeze again in next winter.

Water Logged Sewage System
Water logged system will also freeze during winter. Placing mulch over the sewer pipes will provide extra insulation to pipes. Mulch can be referred to as material such as decaying leaves, bark or compost spread around or over a pipe to insulate it.

If you have issues with frozen pipe and require any assistance, then contact certified plumbing service; they possess latest technology and knowledge regarding frozen pipe solution. A-General is one of the best commercial plumbing and sewer service, so look no further, immediately contact A-General. A-General will provide solution to your systems frozen pipes.


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