Prominent reasons for Sump Pump wear out

Prominent reasons for Sump Pump wear out

What is a Sump Pump?
A sump pump can be referred to as the pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump basin, most commonly found in the basement of homes. Sump pump is very useful to avoid basement flooding. But sometimes you’ll face problems with functioning of sump pump due to its wear out.

Sump pumps that run on electricity can burn out if they run continuously. If it runs continuously, then it will cost you a lot of electricity also. Normally sump pump turns on and off according to the need, but if it is running continually, then you’ll need assistance from sump pump maintenance service provider.

Sump Pump Float Switch Settings
Float switch plays a vital role in functioning of any sump pump; as it floats upwards when water level rises in the sump pit of a sump pump. The turning on and off of sump pump is also dependent on float switch. If the sump switch gets clogged or jammed, the sump pump might run continuously as the sump switch will get stuck on the ‘Switch On’ setting.

Size and Capacity of Sump Pump
While using sump pump for pumping out water from your basement, it is very important to understand the capacity and size of sump pump. If you use sump pump for large applications which it cannot effectively perform, as it is not equipped to do it with its size and capacity, it can lead to its burn out and break down. When water level rises it passes through the sump check valve, which is designed in such a manner that water passing through it does not return back into the sump pit. If the check valve is not installed properly or if it is missing, the water pumped out by your system will return back into it and make it very ineffective. So make sure to check your system’s check valve.

Sometimes some pump wear out comes with keeping the level of pump low. In most of the cases setting up sump low is a good idea but at times you’ll need to raise it slightly. If you do not raise the level of sump pump, then it might create problems for you in future. If you need any assistance regarding sump pump maintenance or you need to purchase a sump pump, look no further, immediately contact A-General: Plumbing and Sewer Service.


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