Garbage Disposal and its Effect on Water

Garbage Disposal and its Effect on Water

The garbage which is disposed improperly can affect the quality of groundwater. The groundwater gets polluted as water is an excellent solvent and various chemicals dissolve in it. Groundwater has more dissolved substances as compared to surface water.

The products such as plastic which we dispose in landfills or roadside dumps become very good pollutants. Such pollutants from landfills harm the groundwater a lot. Hence proper garbage disposal is very important to avoid groundwater contamination.

Electronic equipment such as batteries, televisions consists of mercury. If electronic goods are dumped in trash then it leads to mercury contamination of groundwater which is again highly toxic for human body. Excessive exposure to mercury leads to nervous system disorders.

Sewage water (sewage material) can also pollute the groundwater. Health problems would increase for you with excessive exposure to sewage contaminated water and garbage. Hazardous substance such as dioxins, pesticides enter the groundwater through improper waste disposal. These hazardous substances can damage your nervous system and could lead you to cancer. They can also create problems for human liver and kidney.

Polluted water which carries heavy metal cadmium is even more dangerous to human body. Cadmium can cause problems such as high blood pressure and anemia.

If you want to avoid water pollution and have access to clean water, then use proper garbage disposal techniques. If you have a garbage disposal unit in your house make sure that you use it regularly. Garbage disposal unit if not operated properly can easily break down while clogging your sewer line. In such a situation you’ll need assistance from commercial plumbing service provider.

Water is one of the basic necessity of human life. We must always make all possible efforts to recycle garbage properly and avoid open burning of garbage to avoid water pollution for betterment of humanity. If you need any assistance regarding garbage disposal, look no further, immediately contact A-General: Plumbing and Sewer Service.


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