Don’t miss swimming: Use pool heater this winter

Don’t miss swimming: Use pool heater this winter

Winters, though lovable season, keeps us locked up. The chilly weather stops us from going anywhere and we have to put a hold on the things we love to do. We have stop sitting on the swing put up on the porch, we return early from our walks and we avoid coming contact of water the most. It is painful if we have a swimming pool in the backyard and we cannot use it.

Winters forbid us from entering the cold water but the longing doesn’t go. Won’t it be wonderful if after coming home, you can enter in the pool and forget all the worries of the day? Or have a swim with your children. It can be possible if you installed pool heaters. There are different types of heaters available. Some of them are

Solar pool heater: It is the most cost effective way to heat the pool. Solar heaters use solar panels to transfer heat from the sun to your pool. The pool pump pushes the water through circulation system and through solar panel. The panels heat the water. These pool heaters are not at all expensive and have the shelf life of around 10 to 15 years. There are no extra monthly expenses incurred. And these are environment friendly as they use the renewable source of energy.

Gas Heaters: Gas heaters use natural gas or propane to heat the pool. Gas burns inside the combustion chamber and as the water passes through the copper coils inside the combustion chamber, the water gets heated. Gas heater are widely used and inexpensive to purchase. They operate independently and heat the water quickly.

Electric resistance heaters: These heaters use electric current to heat the water. When the current is applied to the resistor inside the unit, the resistor heats up and in turn heats up the water when it passes through it. As they need a lot of energy they are mostly used for small spa and therapy pools. These are also quite inexpensive to purchase. They operate independently and are environment friendly. Electric heaters emit no pollution.

Heat pumps: Heat pumps use electricity to heat up the pool. There are air-source heat pumps and water-source heat pumps. They are quite energy efficient and have become popular because of that. They might be little costly to purchase but are inexpensive to operate on monthly basis. They are also environment friendly and save energy source. They have a long life span too.

These heaters are the need of an hour. So, get one installed. And contact A-General Plumbing service provider to install pool heaters. They are the best in New Jersey and deal with plumbing and sewer services.


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