Garbage Disposal: Need of the hour

Garbage Disposal: Need of the hour

With Christmas approaching, the preparations are in full flow. Install a garbage disposal to reduce the pressure and for smooth functioning.

Christmas is approaching and surely everyone must be planning for a grand celebration. Having family and friends together to celebrate festivals adds to the fun. The exchange of gifts, buffet to mouthwatering food and enjoyment with near and dear ones is what festival is all about. But after the delectable treat for the guests, we have to take care of the leftover food and garbage which gets accumulated after the celebration. It is a task to collect all the garbage and dispose it off. But to make the matters easy, garbage disposals are available in the market.

Garbage disposals may seem to be an unwanted purchase, but that is not the case. These days, garbage disposals are important to make our lives easier.  ??? They are useful in disposing off the garbage, we just need to press the button. Let us first understand the meaning of garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Unit and its uses:

Garbage disposal unit is a device installed under kitchen sink. This device shreds food waste into pieces so that they can easily pass through the plumbing. These devices are usually electrically powered.

Installation of garbage disposal units is encouraged as the food waste gets stuck in the pipes creating problems for the plumbing system. It is not recommended to throw food waste in dustbin as it spreads bad odor and  invites insects. If you throw the food waste in the kitchen sink then the garbage disposal will shred it to tiny pieces which won’t get stuck in the pipes. If the food waste does not get degraded it can damage the whole plumbing system adding to the expenditure.

To get the garbage disposal installed it is recommended that you call the nearest plumbing service provider. Installing a garbage disposal is a difficult task and a plumber knows exactly how to to do it without damaging the system.

Maintenance of a garbage disposal unit:

Food waste only: The garbage disposal unit is installed to shred the food waste, so it is always better to put food waste in it. Cut the large pieces into small so that it is easy for the disposal unit to shred it. Large pieces might get stuck and damage the system completely.

Don’t put anything hard: Don’t put items such as bones, hard shells of crabs or popcorn kernels, etc. The shredder might become dull and inefficient. These type of small hard objects can get stuck in the rotators and disposal unit may stop functioning. Even the hard vegetables fibers are to be avoided. Once the disposal unit is damaged, the repairs may be very costly. Also, read the instruction manual of the garbage disposal unit. Each of the disposal has different capacity to bear the hard objects, so the instruction manual; can give some idea about what items are a strict no-no.

Avoid Starchy and fibrous material: These kind of objects can cause drain blockages. They may get tangled or accumulate in the drains. Objects like egg shells turn into sand like substance and clog the pipes. Onion skin don’t get shredded but get stuck to the pipes.

Don’t put objects which won’t degrade: Objects such as screws, nail, cigarette butts don’t degrade. Shredding them is not possible. If these item go in the disposal unit, they will break the unit completely. Take care that such item don’t end up in the sink.

Clean the garbage disposal regularly: Cleaning the garbage disposal regularly is essential. The food waste might get accumulated over time and the system might get inefficient. Put some dish soap in the disposal unit and let it run for a minute or so, this will clean it of any waste that is stuck in it. Also, run the disposal regularly to prevent rust.

Use Ice: Ice is useful in keeping your garbage disposal unit running. Ice cleans the disposal unit, sharpens the blades and cleans any greasy material from the unit. Put few ice cube and the run it. the disposal unit will chop the ice and cleanse all the hard to reach areas of the unit. Try these as and when you can to keep the machine running.

So, get the garbage disposal unit installed as soon as you can to avoid all the stress which will inevidently follow after a wonderful celebration. And if you have one installed already, get a plumber to check the working so there won’t be any glitches when you need it to work. This unit is an important part to keep the plumbing system of your house working properly. If you live in New Jersey, contact A-General plumbing services, one the best in the area.


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