Maintain Septic tanks for better sewer management

Maintain Septic tanks for better sewer management

Drain pipes and sewer systems grab our attention only when they are out of order. Those are the times when they have our undivided attention. We try our best to get it back in the good condition.  The ignorance on our side may be because of the Septic tanks we have installed at our home. These tanks help us in waste management. It is because of these tanks that waste remains out of houses. But why ignore them till their condition deteriorate? Frequently, the drains and sewer lines at our home get negatively affected because the septic tank is dysfunctioning. It is always better to check the septic tank timely to avoid breakdown.

How the septic tanks work?

Septic tanks are small-scale sewage treatment system, installed in our house. All the drains and sewage pipes in our house are attached to this tank. The waste created is passed on to this tank and there it gets separated. Waste is divided into different level and then the treatment starts.

The heaviest particles in the waste is collected at the bottom of the septic tank. These particles are called ‘Sludge’. In the middle is comparatively clear layer. It is called gray water. And at the top are fats. oil, etc. These are called ‘scum’.

These tanks are designed in such way that the sewage discharged from the tank is degradable. So, once the sewage discharged from the tank through pipes release on the ground, it gets well-filtered by the soil. And it acts as a fertilizer.

But we don’t notice these tanks unless we are facing a major issue. And once the septic tank is damaged, repairing it  becomes a difficult task. It is costly affair.

How to maintain a septic tank?

Pump-out the tank:

To avoid the failure of septic tanks, they should be pumped out periodically. Now, finding the amount to waste collected in the tanks is not easy, so it is better that plumbing service provider are called on regular basis to check the tanks.

Avoid the area of septic tank:

Map out the area where the septic tank is located. This way when you are planning to renovate the area, you would know which place to avoid. Avoid parking vehicles on the tank, it may damage the system.

Don’t flush strong chemicals:

Don’t use strong chemical while cleaning as they might damage the system. Bacteria destroying products should be avoided. Household cleaner can be used as they are mild.

Don’t flush non-degradable material:

Material which cannot degrade are to be avoided. They get stuck in the septic tank and disturb the working of the tanks.

Avoid garbage disposals:

Garbage disposed in the septic tanks increases the accumulation of waste in the tanks. If the waste in the tank passes certain level, the tank can get damaged. If the tanks are to be used for garbage disposal, then the size of the tank should be increased.

These are few ways through which you can keep the septic tank clean and avoid the failure. If you are searching for a plumbing service provider in New Jersey to get your septic tank checked contact A- General.


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