Grease Traps The Whens And Hows Of Cleaning Them!

Grease Traps The Whens And Hows Of Cleaning Them!

Grease traps are some of the most innovative things that science has invented for the benefit of mankind…and also all plumbing services and plumbing repair services! What they essentially do is to trap the grease within its chamber and let only the water flow away into the municipal sewer lines.

But where exactly does the grease disappear? Well, it doesn’t really “disappear” anywhere but accumulates at the bottom of the grease trap which over time builds up and needs to be physically scooped out and dealt with like kitchen waste along with the rest of the garbage.

Problem arises when the build-up is beyond the grease-trap’s capacity and the grease along with the water makes its way into the municipal sewer-lines. With grease building up in the municipal sewer-line, it’s just a question of time before the sewer inspector lands up at your door-step with his/ her team and a very steep bill!

If that’s not what you want things panning out, here’s what you need to do well in time.

1. Make a weekly schedule for scooping the poop. Preferably, keep it on a date when work is minimum or on a weekly holiday or early in the morning/ late at night when the establishment is empty so that you do not inconvenience anyone

2. Keep inspecting the grease trap every now and then. Despite everything else you do, keep checking on the status of the grease in the grease trap simply by lifting its lid regularly. By doing so, you obviate the chances of the grease trap overflowing due to negligence which might come from oversight.

3. Keep a bucket, a scoop and chemical cleaners at hand before you commence cleaning the grease trap. Where you intend to dirty your hands instead of requesting external help, remember this is thick, sticky stuff that is difficult to get off yourself and your clothes. That being the case, dress appropriately and have the right set of implements close at hand.

4. On the appointed date (and hour), dirty your hands and clean the grease trap yourself. Doing so given you the factual experience of the whats, whys and hows of grease-trap cleaning. It shall also tell you whether your grease trap needs only cleaning or a complete change which could be the case where there is extreme clogging. Or Enlist your area’s best plumbing repair services which could also be a 24-hour emergency plumbing service where you do not want to dirty your hands.

5. Maintain a very strict schedule for maintenance or let your 24-hour emergency plumbing service do that for you. But what’s important is that you should be strict with the schedule and never ever want to mess with the law for something so messy in itself!


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