Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jetting

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jetting

To folks who have had to face the ignominy of their sewer water overflowing and entering their neighbours’ homes and destroying the latter’s prize possessions, jetting could be a small price to pay to save themselves from big embarrassments. Thankfully in most towns in New Jersey have drain cleaning services which have their own jetting machines which are apparently quite effective- provided your ‘best drain cleaning service’ knows what they intend to do. The consequence of unintended jetting or doing so without proper knowledge can be disastrous- sometimes as bad as the problem itself which it tried to solve in the first place!

Advantages of jetting:

1. Video inspection and then jetting: Before undertaking the exercise, the best of drain-cleaning services in the NJ area prefer to send down their video equipment to know exactly where the problem is, what it constitutes, and the extent of leeway they have to take up solutions including jetting. In doing so, most commercial drain cleaners do get a good idea of what the situation is down the drain

2. Best for removing earth, tree roots etc: Jetting, where done by expert drain cleaning services in NJ, can take apart the best of obstructions which could include soil deposits, rusted metal, tree roots and the likes. Given the sheer force with which the exercise is undertaken, it does come across as one of the best solutions to a long-pending problem

3. Environmentally safe: Jetting in most cases uses ONLY water which makes it environmentally sound. No chemicals! Simply the use of water at very high pressure. None of the alterations are thus life-threatening and long term.

Disadvantage of jetting:

1. If done without proper information and at the hands of untrained personnel, the jet can badly damage existing structures which could be part of the drain itself.

2. Jetting is best when there are tree roots protruding into the drain. But if done improperly, it can damage unintended foliage around the structure.

3. Obstruction consisting of oil, lard and things sticky and oily aren’t conducive to be blasted by jetting and may have to be treated with chemicals.


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