Hazards In Drain Cleaning Services

Hazards In Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning services, an absolute necessity of life, carries its own set of hazards and dangers. And with ever-increasing demands on the even the best drain-cleaning services, things can be found wanting if not handled with the right amount of care and caution.

Drain cleaning services in NJ and surrounding areas are especially prone to hazards given the ever-increasing population and the kind of stuff people put in drains- besides the usual!

We list some of the biggest hazards which the best drain cleaning services too encounter sometime or the other in their day-to-day working.

  1. Presence of poisonous gases in drain chambers. The best drain cleaning services in NJ (or for that matter, anywhere in the world) would tell you that most drains have gases including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, esters, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Sometime even gasoline and motor spirits find their way into drains and sewers. For this reason, most drains emit gases which have the potential to overwhelm life besides even leading to fires and explosions if not treated and vented the right way.

  2. Presence of contaminated water in drains and sewers. Water that enters drains and sewer lines anywhere in the world gets mixed with decaying sludge which could be a mix of toilet wastes, rotten foods, mud/ sludge and every other thing which with time, turns into a toxic mix. In time, such water too becomes heavy with untreated and potentially dangerous live organisms which could enter our bodies thru cuts and bruises if the right safety gear is not worn while working in such places. Bacterial and other infections carried from sewer & drains is said to have caused deaths and even amputations in some cases.

  3. Presence of greasy and sticky slime in drains and sewers. Commercial drain cleaners worldwide vouch for the fact that most drains and sewers, especially of big cities, have a lot of extremely slick, sticky and slimy stuff which sticks to clothes and even one’s bodies and can be dislodged with great efforts and difficulty. Even the best drain cleaning services are said to be wary of this sticky substance as the same does not clear away easily.

  4. Electric shocks from equipment. Most drain cleaning equipment for commercial drain cleaning are electrically operated and have a lot of wires. On the other hand, almost all drains and sewers have water up to varying heights. Where the wires in the equipment aren’t earthed the correct way or have joints which aren’t sealed well, in the presence of water, this could prove to be very, very dangerous to its operator who even otherwise is operating in a confined space with very little light and ventilation.

  5. Danger arising out of contact with commercial drain cleaners. The best drain cleaning services in NJ and adjoining areas invariably use very strong solutions, be it in the form of liquids or powders/ solids. These, by their very nature need special protection lest it irritates the skin, eyes and other sensitive parts of one’s body. Face-masks and recommended safety gear must be worn at all times and in the right way.

  6. Dangers of jet sprays operating at high-speeds: Drain cleaning service in NJ and adjoining areas use some seriously powerful spray jets to clean clogged sewer and drain lines. All this because the stuff down there does not get dislodged with normal efforts. The problem with using such equipment is that the water spray if not directed in the correct spots, can result in damage to unintended places. Also, if the spray somehow gets misdirected towards its operators, mayhem is the least one can expect. Water from these jets are said to rip apart clothes and limbs with equal ease. Pipes leading to these jets move in unpredictable ways due to the super-high pressure and can hurt its operators hands, including ripping apart fingers and tearing palms apart.

The best drain cleaning services be it in NY or other areas do take adequate care but sometimes even the slightest of a slip can leave everything undone.


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