How many of you are aware of working of main sewer line?

How many of you are aware of working of main sewer line?

The main sewer line or the lateral pipe is situated underground, and which is connected from either from your residence or the working place to the main city sewer. Each and every drain line is connected to it. You should have the knowledge of the location and the ways of preventing the sewer line from damaging. You can find below some important information that could help you in understanding in maintaining the main sewer line better.

What are the causes that a sewer line backup?

There could be many reasons to overflow the sanitary sewer line. The sewer pipes get clogged majorly because of two reasons. One could be, the blockage in the main sewer line or blockages in the lines between the main sewer line and building lines which are also known as laterals. Causes could be anything, like cracks which have developed because of tree routes, because of residential and commercial growth – there could be the insufficient capacity of the system, system deterioration, construction mishaps. Generally, when it comes to residential or office plumbing, the reason could be the disposal of sanitary napkins, diapers. It could be because of tree roots, accumulation of grease, hair. Sometimes these things get too large to handle for the wastewater pipes. These could be things might be the reasons for the sewer home lines or the city sewer line to back up.

Is that anything that you could do for preventing the sewage back up of your residence?

  • Try to avoid putting grease into the drains or the garbage disposal directly. The grease which is in the liquid state and gets solid on cooling in the drain pipes. Once it gets solid, it starts collecting the debris, accumulating the building lines or the city lines in the system.

  • Though written as “Disposable”, do not ever flush the paper towels, diapers or the sanitary napkins down the toilets. They clog drains for sure and help in damaging the plumbing system.

  • If you are living in an old home, and you have a jointed pipe system for your home, you have the possibility of breaking sewer pipes or having cracks to the sewer pipes due to the routes of the trees or the shrubs which have invaded. In these cases, it is always better to have an idea about the location of the main sewer pipe. If you are not aware, you can have a professional plumber’s help to locate the main sewer pipe.

  • Another case, where the drain system is, the lowest level of your house which is below the ground level e.g. basement area of your house, it can get affected by the back up one day. One of the best way for preventing sewage back up in such low-lying area, to install and fit the “backflow valve” to the drain pipes which are the lowest level. Another option is, you can always close down these drains by using a plumber’s test plug when you are not using it.

For any issues, related to plumbing, which are not solved by you, can be attended by the technical people of plumbing and sewer services companies.


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