What to look for – when hiring a plumbing company in NJ

What to look for – when hiring a plumbing company in NJ

Plumbing work is not a simple task. For us, it is easy to hire the plumber when we have some water line replacement or repair, some work regarding sewer line repairs or replacement which has to be done. It could be the stressful task to select the right plumbing company or the job get done by the plumbers, whether it a small or big job.

Proper plumbing work is a study, it is science. The professional plumber needs to consider many factors while working, like to check the adequate water pressure, water lines need to be taken care while working on it that any toxins should not get mixed with water. There are much more concerns when the plumbers work, they have to address when they design the system.

So, what should you look for from a plumbing company in NJ when you need to hire the professional plumber –

Look for the state license – Whoever you are hiring, whether he is a plumber, a journeyman or a sub-contractor, he needs to hold the license provided by the state.

Look for insured plumbers – Find out whether the plumber holding an insurance and general liability.

Find out the business stability – Check on, how long the company is in this business. Check on the present location of the company too. Duration matters.

Check the price quoted for the job – Different plumbing companies have different types of pricing methods. Some companies charge on the basis of Time and Material, while some companies charge Flat rates on a job basis. Make sure that you talk to the company before, what all included in the price quoted.

Price could vary on different factors like –

  • Time is taken to complete the job of repairing or installation
  • Numbers of fixtures used in the job
  • The quality of fixtures you opt for

Please remember that the company quoting the low price is not necessarily the good company. Check whether they are charging you any hidden cost like – charging on an hourly basis but then charging you the equipment fees extra.

Remember to compare apple to apple when you are evaluating the price quotes.

Some companies may charge a little higher if the job has to be done on weekends, holidays, overtime or on emergency calls.

If you have asked them to buy any fixtures for you, compare their rates with the market price. And if you are buying, please check with plumbers if you are buying the same of good quality. Make sure the product has an approval stamp on it. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) places the stamp on the products.

Look for warranty – A good plumbing company always provide the warranty on the plumbing services they provide. It could be a certain number of days like from 30 days to 90 days from the installation or repair work done. You should know one thing that the product may have a warranty for the longer period than labor. E.g. the certain part may have the warranty of 3 to 5 years.

Look for membership – Check whether the plumbing company is a member of any trade organizations. Companies having the membership are likely to be updated with codes and regulations.

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