Human health and sewage contaminated water

sewage and health

The sewage contaminated water is hazardous for your health with diseases such as gastro, hepatitis causing real threat to you as well as your families health.

Contact or exposure to sewage contaminated water could be dangerous for your health. It is well advised to keep your children away from contaminated water; even small exposure to such water can cause diseases. In order to avoid such consequences make sure that sewer cleaning is done regularly. Sewage is contaminated water which consists of human waste such as urine, food, feces. Large sewage treatment plants are used to clean this water. At times sewage lines break and the contaminated water gets into rivers, beaches and other recreational waters.

Diseases caused by sewage contaminated water
Oral exposure to sewage contaminated water could cause gastro-enteritis. Gastro-enteritis is an infection. Hepatitis is one more infection caused as a result of exposure to sewage contaminated water. A person could also face problems such as infection of open cuts or rashes.

Symptoms of diseases caused by sewage contaminated water
Gastro can affect the whole gastro-intestinal tract and it is accompanied by high fever, dehydration, vomiting. Such problems could multiply in case of children who are already exposed to many other problems. To avoid such a scenario it is very important that you keep your water systems clean with the help of commercial plumbing service providers.

Hepatitis can damage your liver very badly and it could become yellow like jaundice. Rash and infected cuts cause a lot of pain to the body. Sometimes such infection causes high fever, eyes and ears could also get infected.

How to understand if the water is contaminated
It is very important to have a good quality drain cleaning system but even if marine water gets contaminated one must look for concentration of microbes in the water. An elevated concentration of these microbes in clean water or marine water indicates a high level of contamination due to human waste and such water is unsafe for recreational use. Microbes are generally found in high concentration in human feces.

It is necessary to get rid of the contaminated water for well being. If you are facing problems due to sewage contaminated water you can contact plumbing repair service provider such as A-General.


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