Is your home prepared for Christmas?

While we take all the precautions to avoid the cold weather, we forget that our home needs the same kind of protection. Make sure that your home doesn’t have to face this harsh weather.


Christmas is just few days away and everyone is busy planning for that. We need to arrange gifts and surprises, book tickets for vacation. And if we are planning a party at home then it is more hectic then anyone can imagine. We have to decide the menu, the decorations, the guest list, etc. While doing this, we also take care of having enough winter wears in place. We also check whether the heaters are working properly so that the guests don’t feel cold. But during all these preparations, we forget to check whether our house is ready for the Christmas celebration.

It is not just people we need to worry about freezing, our house can also freeze. During winters, if we don’t take enough precautions our house faces the worse wear and tear. Imagine, we throw a party but there is no water in the sink or bathroom. Won’t it be embarrassing?

What effects does winter have on our house?

As the temperature goes down, our house starts facing the adverse effects. Winters have the worst effect on the plumbing. The low temperature freezes the water and water expands when it is in ice form. So if the temperature of the pipes decreases, the water will start freezing. The pipes won’t be able to handle the pressure and they may crack and start leaking. Many times the pipes burst open if they cannot handle the pressure. So it is always better to take precautions and get all the plumbing of the house checked from the plumbing services provider.

How can we winterize our home?

Plumbing is a work which can get very messy if not done properly. This is not the work which we are enthusiast about and we don’t prefer to get our hands dirty with it. So, it is better to call the plumbing service provider to do the work. They know their tools. But when you call them, it is better to have some information of the work they are going to do. This way when they tell you what their services are, it won’t be a complete surprise for you.

The services for winterization provided by the plumbing services are:

Coating the pipes:

Coating the pipes is important, as it helps in preventing the leaks. During winters, the cold air can enter the pipes and it is the reason for the water to freeze. So, coating the pipes thoroughly prevents the air from entering the pipes and freezing. The coat acts as a blanket against the harsh weather. We have to take extra care of the pipes which are exposed and we have to insulate them properly giving a thick layer of coating.

Covering the ventilation:

The ventilation of the house should be covered properly so that it not exposed to the cold air. If cold air enters in the system it can cause damage to it and can end up being a costly affair. It is necessary to see whether there aren’t any cracks in the ventilation pipes from where the air can enter. If there are any, then they should be immediately covered.

Locating the faucets and pipes:

A plumbing service provider can help you in locating all the faucets and pipes in your house. They have equipment through which they can locate all the taps, pipes and valves in the house. We don’t usually know where all the pipes are located as many times the pipes are positioned in the places where they are not easily seen. Once the plumbing service provider has located the pipes and faucets, he can check them for any leakage and shut the faucet and valves. This is important to avoid the further damage.

Draining water from outside faucets and sprinkler:

If you have a garden, we have to make sure that the water from the faucet is drained and it is dry. Drain all the water from the sprinkler system. A professional company can do this work properly, so that not even a single drop of water is left in the system. If we do this on our own and some water left in the sprinkler pipe, it might break the pipe. A broken sprinkler pipe can do damage to the whole system.

Draining the irrigation system, swimming tanks:

Just like the sprinkler system, it is necessary to drain all the water from irrigation system and swimming tanks. This is a precaution to avoiding the freezing. If it is done on time, it prevents the huge damage and costly repairs.

These are some of the methods that the plumbing service providers use. We can do it on our own, but there might be chances that we leave some of these things unattended and then we may have to incur huge repair costs. So it is always recommended that we contact the plumbing repair service provider. If you stay in New Jersey and are looking for plumbing services, contact A-General. They offer the best of the kind services, with video pipe inspection and leak detection.


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