Identifying sewer lines outside your home to get rid of blockade or breaks

sewer line outside home

The central (main) drain line of house runs out of your house into a sewage disposal tank or town/municipal trench or sewer system. It is vital to find out where these sewer lines are fixed outside your home, to deal with matters related to clogs, sewer contaminated water etc. Spotting the exits of your house’s main drain line will be beneficial to find out where main sewer lines are located.

Search for sewage disposal tank (septic tank)
The sewer line from your house flows to the sewage disposal tank. The line generally follows a straight path from the house to tank. Scrutinize the ground near the area where you think that the sewer line might be located. Deepness of sewer line differs by municipality and quality of pipe. Once you identify the area you should dig carefully or else it could create problems.

Ask Municipal Authorities
The Municipal Authorities generally keep designs and maps of underground sewer lines and other services. These designs and maps can be very useful in identifying the underground sewer lines in your area. Commercial plumbing and sewer service providers can also help you in locating main sewer line outside your home.

Information from nearby residents
Your nearby residents could give you valuable information about sewer lines outside your home if they are living in that particular area for a long time. Such people have contacts with municipal authorities. At least they would be able to let you know where their own line flows into the municipal system.

Sewage and plumbing related issues could take a while to be solved and identifying sewer lines is part of the solution. If you need any help regarding locating sewer lines or have issues related to plumbing contact A-General: Plumbing and Sewer service.


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