Install ice maker with these easy tips

Install ice maker with these easy tips

Ice maker or ice generator is a machine used for artificially creating ice, used inside a home freezer. It is also used as an industrial machine to produce ice on a large scale. There are various kinds of ice makers such as freezer ice makers, portable ice makers, flake ice machine (industrial purpose), cube ice maker etc.

Process of Ice making in an Ice maker
The consumer ice makers such as freezer icemakers are made of following key components such as the evaporator, the compressor, the condensor and throttle valve. The compressor of the system compresses low-pressure refrigerent vapor into high pressure vapor and delivers it to the condenser. The condensor condenses high pressure vapor into high pressure liquid and it is drained out through the throttle valve to become low pressure liquid. After this, the liquid is conducted to the evaporator, where heat exchanging occurs and the ice is created.

If you are purchasing a refrigerator and need an ice maker, the following steps would be very helpful to you for installing an ice maker.

Most important part of this process is the installation of valve. It would be advisable to use a compression tee and process of installing a compression tee is similar to the one used for installing a shutoff valve.

The next step in the installation process is drilling a hole big enough for the tubing. Take care while uncoiling the tubing and feed it through the hole. Now, connect the tubing to the valve. Unwind sufficient amount of tubing to reach supply valve. After this you can connect the fitting and turn on the water supply. At this stage make sure to inspect for the leaks.

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