Do It Yourself Tips for Better Plumbing System

Do It Yourself Tips for Better Plumbing System

There are many chores in house that we prefer to do it ourself. There may be professional help available to do all these work, but we don’t prefer spending money on it. Such small chores are easy to do and we prefer to do them on our own. Calling a professional person to help us, is hard on our wallet as well as our pride. We constantly have the need to prove our calibre in the household routine.

This need is especially felt while doing the plumbing of the house. Plumbing can be said to be one of the difficult and sometimes disgusting duties in the house. But following these do-it-yourself tips will save you from major plumbing crisis. If the small signs are recognized and worked on, then they won’t cause and big worry. So, it is always better to look out for the issues in the plumbing system of the house.

Here are some of the tips to solve the issues yourself:

Clearing the odors: Usually we face the issue of stink, when the water is dried up and the grime is left behind. The bad odor comes from the grime. If not cleaned up quickly, it might lead to blockages in drains and pipes. Thus, it is always better to be cautious then regret later. If you feel there is stink spreading in the house check toilets and sink of the kitchens.  This is necessary, to make sure that the traps of the pipes i.e. the U shape of the pipes are full of water. When the water is used less, it evaporates. And then the filth is left behind which smells. Also, make sure all the caps are secured and tightly closed. And even then the smell doesn’t die down, pour some bleach in the drain. But keep this the last resort.

Drain cleaning with chemicals: Drains are needed to be cleaned periodically or else, they’ll get blocked. But while cleaning the drains, it is suggested to use liquid drain cleaners. Crystal drain cleaner may solidify in the drain and add to the blockage. Use the chemical drain cleaner carefully in the drains that are clogged. If the cleaner does not clear the blockage, and the chemical stays in the drain, then it might harm the bathtub or the sink.

Issues with toilets: Usually the issue with toilets is the leakage and blockages too. And this is the most important issue to be addressed. It can increase your water bills and waste tons of water. Most of the time, the leakage of the toilet can be solved by replacing the faulty valve. they are easy to put and inexpensive. Another issue faced is the water holes in the toilets. These water holes can accumulate minerals or calcium from the hard water. Take a metal coat hanger and jab the end of the hanger in the water holes. This will release the mineral buildup in the holes.

Cleaning the garbage disposals: Some vegetables like banana peels are hard to grind and can get stuck in the disposal unit. This will result in blockage of the garbage disposals. To avoid this, run water while operating the disposal unit. The water helps in pushing the food through the disposal and keeps it clean. Also, if you are facing issue of stinking  from the garbage disposal, put some lemon peels in it. The bad odor problem will be solved for sometime.

Maintaining water heater: Water heater has become a daily need for us. But we have to take efforts to maintain the water heater. Turn down the temperature of your water heater, this will save your money. It is always better to keep the water heater at 120 degree F. To prolong the life of the heater, flush your heater once a year. Drain off all the water. This will reduce the debris buildup and keep the valves working. And while you leave your house for extended periods, leave the heater at the lowest temperature and save money on the bills.

These few tips will help you keep the plumbing and sewer system of the house in working condition. But if you face any major issues, don’t try to solve them yourself. Seek professional help. They can solve the issues and make sure that you won’t face it again. A-General plumbing services is a good option in New Jersey, to get all the plumbing, drainage and sewer issues solved.


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