Is Your Gutter Clogged?

Is Your Gutter Clogged?

A clogged Gutter is one of the worst sites to look at, and can give a homeowner literally sleepless nights. It is always recommended to clean your rain gutters at least a couple of times a year. The most common supplements for a clogged drain line or a rain gutter is debris like leaves and twigs, which can clog up your gutter system, eventually causing potential harm to your house and landscaping, and also to the gutters themselves.

What are the signs of a Clogged Gutter?

You can find out very well if your gutter is clogged by these telltale signs:

1    When the rain water spills over the edges of a gutter, it’s a clear cut sign of a clogged gutters, moreover a clogged drain line.
2    If the water sprays out like a fountain from the gutter seams and elbow joints, there is your clogged gutter.
3    You can also identify a clogged gutter when the water does not flow out the bottom of downspout extensions.

When it’s not raining, look for these signs:

1    If the underlying area below the gutter is eroded.
2    If the paint is peeling paint on the siding, your gutter is clogged.
3    Wet, moist and dirty siding beneath the gutter are telltale signs of a blocked gutter.
4    It can also get clogged if gutters are pulling away from the fascia due to the excessive weight.

So, where exactly is the Gutter Clogged?

Check the downspout cage – Make a thorough check with a wire strainer, which is designed to trap debris, while allowing water to flow through. It is located where the downspout intersects the gutter. Most of the times this item is bent or is out of place.

Hangers and Spikes – Gutter hangers and spikes frequently slip free from the fascia, landing in the gutter, and on their way catch leaves and twigs, causing clogs or blockages.

Downspout elbows and seams – Check these parts of your gutter as they are the most likely spots for clogs to develop. One needs to work your way down from the gutter and tap the outside of the downspout, with a screwdriver and carefully listen for a dull thud, as this will indicate the location of the clog. Remember that if you are not able to do the job on your own hire a local plumbing company to carry out these general plumbing repairs and replacements. This would avoid your headache.

After trying out all the required checking and rechecking if you have still failed to identify the perfect spot of the clog, it’s high time you call up a professional plumbing company like A-General. If you are looking for the best quality plumbing service in New Jersey, A-General is your best option to deal with all the plumbing hassles. Your gutter clog or the drain clog can be examined by the modern video inspection technique and could also be cleared by the process of Hydro-jetting, one of our most wanted services by the clients.


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