Maintain Water Heater: Stay Warm This Winter!

Maintain Water Heater: Stay Warm This Winter!

It is a wonderful experience to let go of all the stress and pressure of the day by going for a swim. The warm water helps us soothe our nerves and relieves us of all the strains of the life. For some time we don’t have to think of anything by relaxing. Swimming is said to be a good therapy and it keeps us fit which is a bonus. The love of swimming makes us install a heater so that we don’t have to give it up even in winters. But, just installing the heaters, is not enough.

Just like any other machine, water heaters need regular maintenance. After a few months of use, they might start facing damages. So, it necessary to maintain the heaters regularly. Maintaining heaters is very easy and can be done at home if you know how to do it. There are few things that you have to do to to keep the heaters functioning properly.

Tips to maintain the water heater:

Clean the heaters: Heater may it be of any type needs to be cleaned on regular basis.  Heaters are installed outside the house, so they are more exposed to different weather and wind and sun. So, it can easily collect debris. Cleaning a heater is easy, you can do it manually or with a vacuum cleaner. Always make sure that nothing remains stuck in the heater, and look out for insects. If they remain stuck in the heater, the pipeline may get clogged.

Gas supply: If you have gas heater, be extra careful to check it. It is crucial to check the gas pipelines for any leaks. To check the leaks, use soap solution. All you have to do is, add liquid dish soap and warm water in the spray bottle. Spray it on the pipe joints and check for any bubbles. If you see any bubbles, contact the licensed plumber immediately and get the pipes replaced. When you see the leakage, shut off the gas supply instantly and don’t use it unless the pipes have been replaced. And if you think, you can get the heater checked by plumbing service provider.

Electric current: Electric heaters are getting more popular these days. But more precautions needs to be taken  while using them. In electric heater, heating elements play very vital role. So, it is utmost important to clean them regularly. Dirt getting stuck to it can damage it permanently. Use wire brush while cleaning the heating element. But make sure that it won’t get damages in the process. Once the element is damaged, get it repaired through plumbing service provide or get it replaced. But never start the heater if the heating element is damaged. And stay away from the heater or the pool, it may be dangerous.

Keep the area clean: Keep the surroundings of the heater as clean as possible to avoid damages  or the dirt would get in the heater and harm it. The biggest enemy of heaters is dirt, it can damage the system permanently.

Every now and then, it is better to get the plumber check the water heater. But before contacting the plumber it is better to check if they have license to provide plumbing service. They know the proper and cheaper ways of maintaining and repairing the water heaters. If you stay in New Jersey, contact A- General plumbing and sewer service provider.


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