Maintain Well Pumps for your Well Being

Maintain Well Pumps for your Well Being

Having your own house is the most wonderful feeling. Having a small garden where children can play, eating dinner on the terrace, these small things give us immense happiness. But with house come responsibility. If you live in an apartment you don’t have to worry about water pressure. But if you have a house, you have to install well pumps to extract water.

But just installing the pump is not enough. Maintenance of pumps is equally essential. This is important as the water extracted from the pump is what you are going to use for your daily needs. If all of a sudden the pump stops working, it would lead to complication. Your daily schedule will go haywire. That is why, it alway better to keep a check on all the machines you have. Here are a few tips on maintaining the well pump.

Don’t try it by yourself: If you are facing any problem with your pump, don’t try to service it by yourself. Well pumps are not that easy  machine to be serviced at home. You might permanently damage the pump and have to buy a new one. Always have a licensed plumber to take a look at it.

Ignorance is not a bliss: Don’t ignore if your pump is giving you any trouble. You may say that the problem is small and will get fine, but that is not the case. The problem might just become huge costing you dearly. So, take preventive maintenance steps. Before the issue gets out of hand, call the plumbing service provider to get it sorted.

Research: Before you call anyone for servicing, do a thorough research on the methods of servicing plumbers use.This will stop you from getting conned and you would know what to expect from them. Usually, well pump maintenance should include a flow test, inspection of well equipment and test of the water. Flow test is done to determine the output of the system and also check the water level before and during the pumping. It also includes checkup of pump’s performance and water quality. To inspect the sanitary condition of the well, they search the well equipment. Water test is done to scan the water for bacteria, it should be done three times a year. It is necessary for the cleanliness of water.

Annual Maintenance: Getting the well pump checked on the annual basis is required for the hygiene. This is crucial for the better performance of the pump. It will make sure that the water being ejected doesn’t have any bacteria and is fit for the use.

Keep surrounding clean: It is necessary to keep the area near the well pump clean.  Any kind of harmful and toxic material like paint, fertilizer, etc should be kept away from the well pump. Check regularly that the well cover is closed tightly. And be careful, always maintain separation between the waste area and well pumps.

Keep away from the ground: The well top should be at least 16 inches above the ground. For proper drainage, slope the ground away. Be careful while mowing around the well pump, you may damage the lid and further risk contaminating the water.

Always hire a licensed plumber to do the servicing. They know the proper ways of cleaning and take all the precautions to avoid damage. If you live in New Jersey, contact A- General for best plumbing services.


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