Save the house from erosion; get the roof drains cleaned

Save the house from erosion; get the roof drains cleaned

We give our lifetime to build our dream house. A place where we want to raise our family. A place where we want to experience all the important milestones of our life. This is the place we feel  protected and cherished. So, it is our duty to do the same for our house. Or  our job doesn’t end after building the house, the maintenance of the house thereafter is equally important.

Extreme weather conditions can damage even the strongest of the architecture. So, to prevent the damage we have to take all the precaution available. Roofs are the part of the house which face the most wear and tear.  They have to tolerate the changing weather and stand strong. Its like they protect us from every weather changes.  If the roof gets damage, it can harm the whole foundation of the house. So it is essential to keep the roof in proper condition.

We all have roof drains installed on our roofs. They are equipped to prevent the inevitable damage which the weather will cause. The harshest of the rains or snowfall, won’t harm the house if the roof drains are in proper condition. All the excessive water and snow gets channeled to the drains through these. But these drains need conservation and care or they get damaged.

Damaged drains can cause more damage to the house, which can be very difficult to repair. So, routinely check the condition of the drains. Sustainable check ups will help you in determining the condition of the roof. This is necessary for proper working and you get the idea whether you need to call the plumbing service provider or not.

You should know the signs of damage. This will help you in understanding the condition of the roof drains and will help you in deciding the extent of the damage. The usual damages are caused by two reasons; puddles and moss. Both are very dangerous for the health of the roof.

Pooling of water:

All the roofs are flat and are always tilting towards one side. This is done to make the water flow towards the drains. But this also has a drawback. As the water flows towards the drains, it gets stuck there. These is risky for the house as the roofs start degenerating where the water has accumulated. This can threatened the structural base of the house.  It can lead to mold growth.

Pooling of water on the roof means that the drains are not working properly. The roof drainage system consists of gutters, roof deck, drain opening, etc. To make the drains work properly, keep them clean of debris and filth.


Moss harms the roof the most. It traps the moisture which can weaken the architecture. The moss doesn’t let the moisture evaporate and this leads to erosion of the ceramic granules and rotting of the wood. You cannot have a metal roof, but you can stop the moisture growth by fitting five-six inches copper strips on the rooftop surface. Copper molecules spread on the rooftop during rains and prevent moss growth.

These two issues are the major cause for the damage of the roofs and your house. Regular check-ups help in getting the help before any major problems. It is always better to contact the licensed plumber. Working on the roof is risky, and should not be practices without the supervision of experts So, always call for professional plumbing service provider to get the work done. Contact A-General for the roof drain cleaning, they have best of facilities.


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