Never Use Room Fresheners To Cover Sewer Gas Odor

Never Use Room Fresheners To Cover Sewer Gas Odor

According to property brokers, there are hundreds of residential and commercial properties in the United States which are vacant just because of sewer gas odor problems in the surrounding areas.  There can be several reasons behind this odor. Let’s take a look at some points to know more about this complicated issue.

What is sewer gas made up of?

Waste material like feces, remains of food, oil, grease, fat, etc. is released in the main sewer from residential drain lines. This waste decomposes and forms sewer gas which has nasty odor. Fortunately, plumbing systems are designed in such a way that this gas is released in the atmosphere through drainage pipe’s vents which are fitted on the roof of commercial and residential properties.

Sewer gas can easily enter your house

Usually, this gas remains in the pipes due to water seal in plumbing fixtures like toilet bowl, bathroom drain chamber, floor drains, etc. But sometimes, the water in these fixtures dries up, and this is when sewer odor enters your house and starts spreading.
Sewer gas mostly enters properties which are not in use for one week or longer. Simply flushing water in toilet bowl, and floor drains can help you in keeping sewer gas away from your property.

How to handle sewer gas odor?

If your fail to get rid of the odor even after flushing water in fixtures, it is time to seriously think about the issue.

Room fresheners and sprays can only cover the odor, but cannot stop its formation. The best way to deal with sewer gas is finding the reason behind leakage. Clean your property with disinfectants; look for dead rats or dead animals nearby the property. If nothing works, it is advisable to call your local drain cleaning service provider to find the real reason behind sewer odor.

Most of the plumbers use advanced smoke machines to create and release artificial smoke in drain pipes.  This smoke creates pressure inside pipes and starts coming out from loose joints and cracked pipes. Now all that the plumber has to do is find damaged pipes, joints and repair them.

If the problem is not in pipes, your plumbing expert will investigate further and recommend other steps like video sewer inspection, water jetting in sewer, etc.

Plumbers suggest that even grease traps might be the source of nasty odor. Delay in grease trap maintenance can lead to blocked kitchen sink and generate unbearable odor.

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