Sewer Video Pipe Inspection Is The First Step In Drain Cleaning Services

Sewer Video Pipe Inspection Is The First Step In Drain Cleaning Services

Everyone has to face sewer blockage related problems one day or the other. Most of the times, debris, garbage and food particles are main trouble makers. Blockage can also happen due to old and rusted pipes. In case of sewer blockage, video inspection is the best option to determine the cause of blockage and also to chart out action plan in-order to deal with the issue.

Video inspection will help in identifying the cause behind blockage. May it be tree roots, debris, garbage; layers of grease or something else, the video camera will send clear images from inside the blocked sewer. So, there is no need to dig out the entire pipe line anymore.

What is video inspection?

Till the beginning of last decade, pipe inspection meant digging, and inserting mechanical snakes and chemicals to clean the pipes. Fortunately, the procedure for detecting blockages has become simple with time.

Professional drain cleaning service providers carry specially designed cameras and equipment to conduct video pipeline inspection. This video camera is placed on small remote controlled car like structure and is sent inside the drainage line. This video camera captures images and videos and sends it back to the van in which plumbers monitor the images on their PC. Video and images help plumbers to identify the reason behind blockage. Transmitter linked with video camera also gives the exact location of the blockage inside the pipe. If required, plumbers can easily dig and replace the damaged pipe. Video inspection can take any time between half hour and two hours.

Plumbers, architects, insurance companies and bankers also recommend home owners to opt for this inspection in-case if they are planning to go for home remodeling, or planning to sell/ mortgage their property.

What can video inspection find?

Video pipe inspection can help in detecting cracks, leaking joints, problems in pipes, debris and other garbage which can block the drain line which comes from your house and connects to the main sewer.

It can also help in finding possible hide outs of cockroaches and insects inside the sewer or main drain line. This helps pest control service providers in determining the amount of chemicals and pesticides which they might need to use while attacking insects.

Possible indicators for sewer or drainage problems

Foul smell and slow flowing drain is the most common indicator for drainage related problems. If you feel that your room freshener is not able to cover that dirty smell coming out of drain outlets or toilet seat, you should be ready to face drainage related problems.
Excess growth of grass in any particular area of lawn is also one of the most common indicators for leaking sewer or underground drain line.

Even slow flowing drains should not be ignored; you should immediately call your plumber and ask him to check all the drain lines for possible issues.

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