Plumbing Problems To Look Out for This Memorial Day Weekend

Plumbing Problems To Look Out for This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day 2022 arrives on Monday, i.e., two days of hard partying followed by a day of remembrances of those who aren’t with us and whose absence is the reason behind our presence in the present form.

The day thus ought to be such that you spend time in what is most called for, and least for the uncalled. Including plumbing problems, and more so of the kind that is likely to cause embarrassment if not dealt on time. For instance, a back-flowing kitchen sink or worse, the commode.

We tell you of all the problems that may arise on such an eventful day and how to go about taking care of things.

1. Water tap leaks (in the bath, toilet or the kitchen). A tap doesn’t leak just on the eve of Memorial Day. In most cases leaks take place long before any particular day- unless it’s a case of a sudden accident due to which the entire plumbing gets broken and the leak is very pronounced and substantial in which case, you may need the services of 24 hours emergency plumbing agencies. For regular drop-by-drop leaks, it calls for timely maintenance, and in some cases, timely preventive maintenance so that water just doesn’t get wasted and the floors are never wet. In any case, given that the Memorial Day Weekend shall be a long one, it makes sense to ask the plumbing agency to do a rain-check of all plumbing fixtures.

2. Back-flowing sewer-lines. These are the worst, most embarrassing and most expensive things that do take place and ruin a well-deserved weekend. These happen for two concurrent reasons. First, the sewer lines are either chocked or on the verge of it, and second, the pressure on a compromised systems goes up substantially due to the increased number of visitors, courtesy a happening week-end. Put together what you get is HELL…with a bad, bad smell! Since you can’t do anything to it just when it happens, the right course of action would be to take care of things when they are still manageable i.e., at the beginning of the week itself. That said, keep children and young adults from throwing plastics wrappers and things that don’t decompose, into the commode and kitchen drains. Things like these are the # 1 reason behind baths and kitchens getting chocked – not taking into account back flows. As for the kitchen, that’s the place that produces stuff that’s greasy and sticks to sewer lines very often. For this reason, special care should be taken of the kitchen with the assistance from authorized plumbers who are sewer and kitchen-sink specialists.

3. Leaks in the basement and roofs. While these don’t happen all that regularly, compared to other areas in the house, lack of maintenance can result in leaky basements and leakier roofs. The only way to avoid it on the eve of Memorial Day and the prevailing weekend is to keep checking for leaks every now and then. And if they do occur during this coming week, you may not have much option but to weather the storm (pun intended!) and wait till Monday when most plumbing and sealing agencies start the week!

There goes! The list of Plumbing Problems to Look out for this Memorial Day Weekend!

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