Plumbing specials!

Plumbing specials!

Why should consumer services like cakes and bakes, and movies and shakes ONLY have discount coupons (not to mention joy rides and hotel stays and so on)! We agree it feels nice to get discount coupons and scratch cards every once in a while. It reminds you that someone appreciates your being around.

But why only with services which even otherwise give us joy and happiness? Why not with something that we otherwise forget to acknowledge as being of immense importance in our daily lives? Like for example, plumbing specials! What can’t be seen needn’t be needless or otherwise of little use- until the day you come face-to-face with a “clear and present” danger or even embarrassment? Your friendly neighborhood plumbers thus have the following services with healthy discounts like:

  • Boiler Replacement- $100 OFF,
  • Water & Sewer Line Replacement- $100 OFF,
  • Service Call- Free (No Trip Charge With Repair),
  • Shut Off Valve Upgrade on Newly Furnished Water Heater Install (Free Disposal Of Old Unit Included)- Free,
  • Pipe Repair (Either service $25.00 Off)- $25 OFF,
  • De-Winterizations- $25 OFF

Availing this, you are not only making your life easy but also saving a healthy sum for a rainy day. Agreed, it’s not about money in such cases, but who the hell doesn’t like it when you get something interesting from unexpected places- which in addition helps you save yourself a whole load of embarrassment?

Come to think of it, all the services mentioned above make so much sense!

  • Boiler Replacement- You don’t want to be frozen to death, do you? And boilers do leave you stone cold every once in a while!
  • Water & Sewer Line Replacement- More so where you stay in old houses or in those with faulty (or badly installed) lines. They save you money. And they save you embarrassment galore! And if it’s really bad, you could lose a pile on furniture, carpets, electricals and a whole load of stuff!
  • De-Winterizations- With the winters on the wane, it makes so much sense to de-freeze things and get life back into them. If done the right way, it is said to save all general plumbing installations in the house!

If you are still thinking about it, we say ACT LIKE A CHILD! GO FOR IT! YOU WON’T EVER REGRET IT!


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