Plumbing Tips for Worry-Free Christmas and Holidays

Plumbing Tips for Worry-Free Christmas and Holidays

The fast-approaching festive season while holding promise of merriment and happy, exciting times also holds a potential time-bomb. Or shall we call it, time-less bomb! It sits there till the last moment and explodes with all its might destroying to smithereens your well-crated parties and play-areas.

Plumbing services in New Jersey can be of help- provided you do the needful before and not during or after the holidays. Among the steps that 24-hour plumbers in NJ consider most important and worth taking are the following:

  1. Know the source of water and electricity and how to shut them off

There’s nothing worse than not knowing where the water and electric mains are at home or office. What could you possibly do when water suddenly leaks in? Besides slipping and tripping on wet floors, there’s always the risk of being electrocuted. And that’s not taking into account all the harm it may cause to your furniture, carpets and all the priceless stuff you may have carefully collected.

  1. Get a thorough inspection and cleaning done around Christmas- preferably before it

To obviate plumbing worries at a time when you are supposed to enjoy the fortnight, it’s suggested that at least a fortnight before Christmas, get your premises (home or office) inspected minutely by a good and reputed plumbing service and get the needful done just to avoid any last-minute problems of any magnitude. Also remember that this is the time of the year when most home have parties with large gathering- more so the reason for the inspection and correction.

  1. Replace/ repair all leaking pipes and faucets

If you have water and sewage leaks that’s visible and non-repairable- and provided you can afford it, ask your nj emergency plumber to change things and set them right ASAP. These besides running up bills could also be the reason behind accidents with people known to have had fatal falls in kitchens and bath areas after slipping on seeping/ dripping tap water.

  1. Dump bucket-full water into your kitchen and bath-areas:

Tto know if there are obstructions and chances of back-flows, this is a great trick. Even if an iota of doubt exists, get the choke-up cleared ASAP. Keep the plunger ready when you pour a bucket-full of water (you could also use the waste-water from the washing machine!) and get down to action immediately. Doing so can clean most small innocuous choke-points. If there are larger issues, water not draining should raise the red-flag. Get hold of the plumber IMMEDAITELY! Your year-end parties depend upon his presence NOW!

  1. Keep bins near kitchen sink and in the toilet commode:

Both are potential areas where folks might find it easy tossing water paper/ plastic into the drain and end-up choking the sewer. The sight of a waste-paper bin could make them desist and dispose it the right way in the right place. That said, children could still be throwing pieces of plastics down the drain. A constant vigil is what it calls for. And so too a dust-bin/ waste-paper basket near the sink/ pot!

  1. Keep a list of emergency 24 hour plumbing agencies in the vicinity:

If despite the best efforts, problems still persist, it could be time to exercise the last option. Call in the specialist, the plumber! To do that the moment you smell the word PROBLEM, keep a list of plumbers handy for such eventualities. And keep the list in an easily accessible area- including a copy on your mobile. Keep prints at convenient locations as well.

These are some of the steps we regularly advice our users to adhere to. Hope they are of help!


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