Positive Home Inspection Report Is Important For Getting Home Loan

Positive Home Inspection Report Is Important For Getting Home Loan

Home inspection involves inspecting various aspects of the given residential property. Let’s take a look at some points to understand the importance of this inspection.

Home inspection and property valuation are considered to be very important 

Housing bubble was the result of frauds involving incorrect valuation of properties. In some cases, houses were valued ten times more than their actual value. The real value of these mislabeled properties came under the lime light only after banks seized these properties due to nonpayment of mortgage installments by home owners.

Since then, banks and mortgage companies take all the decisions regarding home loans only after considering the results of home inspection and property valuation done at the concerned property.

Most of the home inspectors are members of NACHI, which is also known as the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. The home inspection company will give you their detailed report about various internal and exterior aspects of the property. 

Internal inspection

Report about internal aspects of property includes observations regarding foundation of the building, roof, floors, condition of fireplace, chimneys, and walls, etc. The report focuses on the overall structure of the property, leakages, cracks, ventilation in various parts of the property, and the condition of furniture. Most of the inspectors’ always check the concerned property’s basement twice, and make sure that the property’s pillars and supports are in perfect condition.

External evaluation

External evaluation report for the property will include results for inspection about doors, windows, backyard, fences, certain details about neighborhood, and landscaping. It will also include the information about the condition of driveways, and roads nearby the concerned residence.

Drainage inspection

It involves inspection of all the drain lines in the property. Plumbing service provider personally inspects property’s bathrooms, toilet bowls, basins, kitchen sinks, and sprinklers to checks for possible problems and blockages. After checking all the internal drain lines, plumber might suggest home owner/ buyer to conduct video inspection in the main drain line or sewer line to check for blockages or other reasons behind slow flowing drain.

 Electrical inspection

As the name suggests, this process involves inspection of wires, electrical sockets, connections, etc. It also involves inspecting lighting systems, air conditioning system, heaters, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and other machines like micro wave ovens, dish washer, fire extinguishing system, etc.

Discussing reports with home owner

After receiving home inspection details, you should immediately talk to the property’s owner about the negative aspects pointed out in various reports.

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