Prevent Slab Leaks to Prevent expenses

Prevent Slab Leaks to Prevent expenses

No matter what the plumbing issue is, it severely needs to be considered. Leaking slabs are one of them. If slab leakages are remained unidentified for the longer period of time, the homeowner will end up paying thousands of dollars, half of it would be for getting rid of the leakage and half of it would be for paying residential plumbing services. Like we always say prevention is better that cure. Let’s try and prevent some easy tips that can prevent this slab leak.

Leaks don’t just occur at home, but many commercial houses also face the same issue. This leak occurs in a location of the area that are often foundation and often hidden. These slabs leaks are generally hidden, it can continue leaking secrets, and the property owner won’t even recognize that there is a problem in the slab and it is leaking. Ultimately, we end up having lots of damage to the house as well. There are some proactive steps that can be taken to prevent the slab leakages.

Check PH level of your water
Too low or too high level of water’s PH level can have adverse effects on pipelines. Its amount of percentage determines if the water is too hard or soft. Both hard and soft water is not good for copper pipes and creates a corrosive environment for them. There are 24 Hour Plumbers Professionals near Long Branch who can help you get to know about the current level of PH in your water.

Water pressure
Make sure that the water pressure is correct. If water is traveling too fast through pipes, that is more than seven feet per second, will cause corrosion of the pipe as it travels. After a period of time the coating of the pipe would wear down in certain spots and holes begin to form and causes leaks.

On the other hand, even the slow water is dangerous for the pipeline. As the water heats up. Some minerals separates from the water. They get mixed up with the calcium and tend to get heavy and can stick to the bottom of the pipe if the water is not moving through the pipe fast through. If the minerals and calcium collect on the bottom causes corrosion and creates holes in the pipes.

Check Household Chemicals
You generally tend to use chemicals to unclog the drain, but we generally don’t realize that they are not healthy for our pipes. It does remove the clog, but it also adversely affects the copper pipes. The same chemical that attacks the slug also attacks the pipes and creates holes and leaks.

Last but not the least, observe the differences in your water bill. Your water bill must be consistent over a period of years and sudden change in it, indicates the problem. You can contact local plumbers immediately to search for the reason of water bill change. With proper care and maintenance, you can be saved from the nightmare of slab leakage.


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