Rooter Services And Why They Are Useful!

Rooter Services And Why They Are Useful!

Drains getting clogged aren’t something which can never happen. In fact, it happens rather regularly and for very obvious reasons like:

Old homes with trees and other drain obstructions like mud and silt making their way into sewer lines which choke them.

In the case of water pipes, rooter services may be needed when pipes are either corroded internally or get covered with hard-water sediments like salts.

Ignorance or oversight is one important reason why stuff jams up in sewer lines when we unknowingly dump small bits of plastics, tissues and other such things which ideally should be thrown in a waste-paper basket. Bio-degradable like tissue paper and paper generally dissolve though the process may take time.

Gully traps not cleaned in a while are the favorites with grease and lard layering the sides of the trap and obstructing the flow of sewer water.

For all these problems, there remains only one solution, and a surprisingly simple though effective one! WATER at a constant speed!

Rooter as the service is called, comes from the word “roots” which at one time was the main reason water pipes and sewer lines remained chocked. With time, the act of cleaning such pipes and sewer lines came to be called “Rooter” i.e., removal of roots.

What does the plumbing service do under “Rooter”? Water is sent under pressure through a specially created “head” with multiple jets facing both forward and in the reverse such that once inside the pipe, the flow of water all around cleans the pipe’s surface evenly and completely. At the end of the process, what one gets in clean, clean pipes AND most of all, peace of mind!

There can be nothing worse than clogged drain and water pipes. They result in un-necessary irritation and negativity. Plus, they result in loss of reputation and money, more so if the affected entity is related to business, specifically, hospitality like hotels and restaurants. You obviously cannot have patrons sitting thru knee-deep sewer water!

The obvious way out of this mess is to not let it form in the first place which happens only when you have in place an Annual Maintenance Contract with a reputed emergency drain sewer and pipe cleaning service which guarantees work of a particular standard, and most of all, peace to the home or business owner!

Rooter Services, they clean from A to Z of any water and/ or sewer line. And of course, everything in between!


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