Sensible Do-It-Yourself-Tips In Plumbing And Drain Cleaning

Sensible Do-It-Yourself-Tips In Plumbing And Drain Cleaning

Stupidity isn’t the preserve of the stupid. In fact, it can sometimes be of the extremely smart! Witness what most so-called smart alecks do with their plumbing and drain needs and what said before would be more than clear.

It brings us to the question, should plumbing and drain needs be ONLY the preserve of plumbing emergency services and/ or drain cleaning services? or should it be done by every house owner? Ideally, the latter makes sense. If one owns a house, estate or property, it’s then one’s responsibility to taking care of plumbing and sewer drain cleaning. And if for some reason, one isn’t in a position to do so, employ the best drain cleaning services in NJ!

If left to god, plumbing and drain needs can sometimes drag the devil out of the best house owner. And if one has made up his (or her) mind to do the needful, plumbing and drain cleaning services in NJ have the following time-tested do-it-yourself-tips:

Odours from the drains:

See to it that the U traps and gully traps are always full with water, even when the sink or toilet is least used. Empty U traps or insufficiently filled U traps let in the stinky gases from the main sewer lines.

Where drains have covers, secure them tightly.

If need be, add small quantities of bleach to the water in the u trap which helps negate the gases from the sewer line.

Garbage disposal:

Leafy vegetables do not easily dissolve with drain water in the kitchen and are known to clog sewer lines. It’s better to dispose it in a dustbin for wet-waste. For the same, install a tight-fitting mesh drain cover which lets out only water and retains every other kind of solids.

Dispose wet garbage daily to avoid the unpleasant odour. If it’s not possible to do so, try adding lemon rinds which despite decomposing, leaves behind a bearable smell and easily masks all other wet-garbage related smell.


Fix leaks from taps right away by replacing the most common cause, the rubber bush in the tap. In fact, make it a point not to wait till the end. Taps being one of the most used plumbing-related item, it makes sense to change their internal parts regularly.

Older taps were metal based (these days, they have more of ceramins inside) and with time entire spindles would have to be changed. If push comes to shove, get the best emergency plumbing service in NJ and have the part changed. A lot can be saved by doing so!

Toilet flushes are another area that needs attention at regular intervals. Flushes typically leak stored water and the culprit in most cases is faulty flush valve which do not cost much and are rather easy to replace- provided you have help from the best plumbing emergency services in NJ!

Toilet flushing with time becomes in-efficient with holes (also called ports) under the bowl rim getting clogged with either minerals that come with the water or dirt. A stiff wire bent at the right place can help poke these holes open and would help flush better with lesser water.

Water heater:

Bathing in warm water is enjoyable but it would be helpful where the temperature is set just right. By doing so, you save on electricity and do not run the risk of scalding yourself.

Every once a year, flush your water heather. Doing so takes care of the build-up of sediments besides keeping the valves in good shape

Switch off the water heater where you leave the place for a reasonably long time as this prolongs its life besides reducing electricity bills.

Tips like the ones above are designed specifically out of experience by emergency plumbing services in the NJ areas. Adhere to them well and see your lives improve!


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