Save water save efforts

Save water save efforts

It is the wish of each person to do something that would help in making our society a better place to live in. But each of us have obligations towards our home and families. We have to provide for the basic needs of our family and in that we don’t get time to work for the society. By the time we are free enough to work for the society, we are about to retire. And at that time, we don’t have the energy needed.

But there are few things which we can done for the society. Everyday we read news about water shortage in different countries, people have to walk miles to get water. We can help in these matters by doing our part and saving water. We don’t need to invest extra time to save water. But this small efforts from our side can go a long way in solving the biggest issue of water shortage.

Lets look at a few water conserving tips:

First thing first: Detection of the leakage must be done on the priority basis and then the proper process for  leakage free house must be adopted. Leaks are the main reason of gallons of water being wasted. You fix them, you save gallon of water and your water bill reduces a lot and your house remains safe from permanent damage.

Car washing:  While washing your car don’t keep the water running constantly. Wet your car and then turn off the hose pipe. Reuse the water you have used earlier for some other work. It doesn’t matter, usage of used water can be done for washing tires, wheels, bumpers, etc. To wash the wet car, use soapy water from the bucket. Once, you are done with cleaning the car with soapy water, quickly rinse of with the hose and then turn it off. This way you can save up to 50 gallons of water!

Lawns and garden: Having a well maintained garden, not only makes each day pleasant but also provides us with fresh air. Plant those plants which don’t need much water to sustain.  Water the plants in the evening or morning when there is shade. This is important as, if you water plants during afternoon, the water might evaporate quickly. And then you’ll have to water the plants again. Early morning is a good time to water the plants. And always water the roots. Mulch also helps in retaining the moisture around plants. Thus, you save up to 50 gallons of water per week and have a splendid view in your yard.

Washroom:  Always turn off the faucet when you are done rinsing the toothbrush. Use a glass of water while brushing. When you are shaving, fill the sink with water rather than keeping the faucet running. You can install aerated faucet to conserve water. Also, there are many water saving shower head available in the market these days. Get your licensed plumber to fix one of those in your bathroom. Along with that, use your shower for less time, this is the best way to conserve water. While using bathtub, fill the bathtub only halfway, so the water won’t spill on the floor and get wasted. This is the sure shot way of saving five to ten gallons of water everyday.

These simple ways of conserving water go long way. So, take little efforts and do the needful. If you want to get the leakages fixed, contact A-General. They are a very old plumbing service provider of New Jersey.


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