Your guide to various ice sizes and suitable ice makers for it

Your guide to various ice sizes and suitable ice makers for it

The size and shape of ice adds to the visual appeal and attractiveness of drinks and beverages. Ice and its shape can change for different occasions such as business parties, casual parties etc. If you are using an ice maker for commercial purpose, then ice size and quality adds to the customer experience. Hence choosing and purchasing right type of ice for commercial as well as residential usage is very important.

Types of Ice
Half cube ice maker, full cube ice maker, flake ice maker, nugget ice maker are some of the different types of ice makers available in the market.

Half Cube Ice
Half cube ice maker can be used in a variety of applications. This type of ice is small in size but it gives very good experience in terms of beverage consumption. Ideally half cube ice can be used in soft drinks, blended coffee drinks etc.

Full Cube Ice
Full cube ice as the name suggests resembles a cube in shape. Full cube ice can keep beverages cold for a longer period of time as compared to half cube ice. Full cube ice can be used in scotch, cocktails etc. It adds to the visual appeal in these drinks and beverages.

Nugget Ice
Nugget ice is indeed unique, it is softer and chewable but hard enough to be dispensed without hard scooping. It should be used in blended drinks as it provides a unique customer experience if you are using it commercially.

Flake ice is small and when used in drinks and beverages holds in place without spilling. Flake ice can enhance the visual appeal of product displays while maintaining safe food temperatures.

Specialized Types of Ice
Besides the above mentioned types of ice and ice makers, there are several other specialized types of ice and ice makers which are as follows: Gourmet Ice, Crescent Ice and Octagonal Ice.

Ice makers need to be chosen with care and if you are using it for commercial purpose then the quality, size and visual appeal of ice can affect your business. In case you have any problem with your ice maker, look no further, immediately contact A-General ice maker repair service.


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