Things You Should Know About Your Plumbing

Things You Should Know About Your Plumbing

Agreed that not all the plumbing tasks are easy to handle and solve by ourselves, however, some easy steps are available to at least control the situation till the plumber reaches at your house and solves the issue. Read some important things that you should know about your plumbing.

Shut off water meter– It is a main source from where the water supply comes into the home or business. You might have a separate shut off at the meter and also at the house. Whenever you are installing a plumbing system, get to know where these shut off valves are and its functioning’s. Do not be in a rush when you turn the valves on and off, do it slowly, because the water pressure may be high and valves may be old.

Learn to read water bills and the water meters- You must know how to read the water meters and bills to be assured that you are being billed accurately. try to catch the leaks if the bills are coming too high. Residential plumbing services can help you with detecting the leaks or blocks in the pipes. If you have questions about your bill, contact local authorities and cross check.

Check the water pressure– Inspect the water pressure coming into the home or business. Ideally, water pressure should be 80 psi. Major reason for plumbing leaks into a home or business is high water pressure. Various companies such as A-General in New jersey, helps you detect the leak and would inform  you about the reasons for higher water bills.

Keep an eye on sewage system– Check where the clean out plugs are of your sewage system. Sewer or septic issues, and know where the clean-out plugs are  is the first step to solve a clog or backup problem in your plumbing system.

Learn how to shut off gas line– All the members in the house must know how to shut off the gas supply to the home or business. Get to know about the gas supply line coming into the building and at each appliance that is powered by gas. If there is any issue regarding gas related appliances you can immediately shut off the gas at the specific location.

Shutting of all the plumbing appliances– Learn to switch off all the plumbing appliances such as water heater, showers, dishwashers or washing machines.If it is not closed on time it would result in thousands of dollars in water and repair damages.


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