Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding

Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding

As a professional plumbing and Sewer service company A-General has been there, seen that and done that. If one has gone through the hassles of a flooding basement floor, rest assured there’s nothing worse than coming home or being woken up in the middle of the night to find your basement has flooded. It is known fact that natural calamities can’t be controlled, but you can definitely take steps to prevent the flooding or at least lessen the damage of a flooding basement in your home. But not to worry as you can take several steps that will heed you in avoiding a flooding home.

What can be done Inside the home

If your home is not equipped with a drain in the basement, don’t worry, that problem could be resolved by a sump pump. For the layman, a sump pump is a plumbing fixture that will suck out the water that has accumulated through some unwanted entry. Make sure to read sump pump reviews before making your choice, or talk to a professional at A-General for a better assistance, about which pumps are the best.

However, even if you have a sump pump be careful, if you have an electricity cut due to storms, your pump will not continue to function without some type of backup power. If such a thing happens you will want to have some kind of backup system.

What can be done Outside the Home

When you have to look for defaults of a floor draining, it is also important you make sure your property is properly graded so that water can flow away from the house and surrounding areas. Closely check if there are any cracks in the basement wall as water can slip in and be the cause of your basement flood. Also, be sure to waterproof your basement walls, which can be a great help when a problem such as this occurs.

The benefits of waterproofing are that it can protect your home from mold and wall damage as it prevent basement flooding. According to the Flood Prevention Home Check-up service, “The homeowner should check their Eaves troughs and gutters, Downspouts, Elbows and extensions.” This procedure will protect your home from water accumulation and running into your foundation causing damage.

Well, if you follow the above mentioned tips, rest assured they can definitely help to keep your home dry and damage free. In turn saving you a lot of money along the way.

But if you are still unsure or not feeling confident of doing it yourself, you can always call up A-General, which provides the best plumbing services in New Jersey and the adjoining counties. A licensed plumbing service company, A- General provides emergency plumbing services in Monmouth county, Ocean County, Atlantic and Burlington County as well.


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